VK Yaoi 2018 Challenges

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Fictions written for the Dreamwidth VKYaoi community 2018 challenges.

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About VK Yaoi 2018 Challenges (VKYaoi_2018)

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  • January: "What Dreams May Come" - dreams (aspirations or nighttime varieties) as plot element
  • February: Fic Exchange
  • March: "The Test of Time" - incorporate time as a core concept; spotlight a VK artist who debuted in the 70s/80s
  • April: "April Foolin'" - incorporate pranks or jokes; spotlight a VK artist who debuted in the 90s
  • May: "Double-Take" - spotlight artists you think look alike
  • June: "Be the First" - spotlight a previously-untagged fandom
  • July: "Drummer Lovin'" - spotlight drummer(s)
  • August: "Slap that Bass" - spotlight bassist(s)
  • September: "Rhythm of Life" - spotlight rhythm/house left guitarist(s); incorporate rhythm into the work
  • October: "Voice(less) Fear" - spotlight vocalist(s); incorporate screams/growls/wails/etc. into the work
  • November: "Many Strings Attached" - spotlight lead/house right guitarist(s); incorporate string, thread, or rope into the work
  • December: "Christmas Crossover" - make the setting of your fanwork an anime/manga/film/graphic novel with which the band of your choosing has a connection either because they have provided a theme song or have cosplayed the character(s)



  • Must be a participant of the Dreamwidth VKYaoi community to post.
  • Fics must be at least 1,000 words.
  • Submission deadline is the last day of the month 11:59 PM local time.
  • Explicit/mature content must be rated for.
  • Warnings must be included for: graphic depictions of violence, non-consensual sexual contact/rape, major character death, underage sexual contact (involving anyone under the age of 18, per community rules).