What it says on the tin. A fourteen-day drabble challenge to keep our spirits up during the holiday season. Fanfic and fanart in all fandoms welcome. Daily word + image prompts can be found linked in the introduction and rules section. Participation at any level encouraged. Thank you for joining me, and I hope you have fun!

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This is a fourteen-day drabble challenge. Fanfic and fanart in all fandoms are welcome. You do not need to participate in all fourteen days, although we certainly hope you do! Entries should be 100 words each, or a single image, and inspired by the daily prompts (Prezi). The images in the prompts slide deck are meant to be suggestive of a scene or feeling, rather than direct integration into the fic/art. No advance commitment is necessary. Overall, the goal is to have fun!



1. All fic entries must be 100 words in length. All art should be a single image.
2. Entries should be in response to / inspired by the day's prompt (see here)
however directly, loosely, or subversively you wish to draw the connection.
3. There aren't really any other rules -- thanks for joining me!