Troubled Tales 2016

Welcome to the second edition of Troubled Tales, a Haven fanfiction exchange to run in place of the season 6 that could have been in 2016!

I apologise that author names were revealed early this year! I opened the collection at a Halloween party on my phone so that everything went live on time as promised, but something appears to have Gone Amiss! Strangely, 'anonymous' is still ticked on the collection settings... I can only blame it on a Trouble....

Other than that hiccup, everything went fantastically! No pinch hits were required, and there's a very diverse variety of characters covered in the stories this year, so I hope you all enjoy the result.

(Open, Unmoderated, Anonymous, Gift Exchange Challenge)

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Welcome to the second edition of Troubled Tales, a Haven fic exchange!

You know how this goes - sign up, make your offers and requests, write a fic of 1000 words or over by the deadline, and hopefully have fun! Signups will run until the end of August and fics will be due mid-October. Call it making our own replacement for the season 6 that should have been!

I've taken out the RPF this year as nobody used it last time. If I have speedy requests to reinstate it, it will be done!

Likewise if you want a tag for a character or relationship that isn't included, tell me, roseveare at, and I will add it.

The tag set is here:



A random list of points follows:

-The "&" relationship tag, for the purposes of this challenge, is covered by the function of selecting multiple characters in the same request. If you have a special desire to see the bond between a particular two characters focused upon but have selected other characters in the same request, put the additional information in the description.

-It is not possible to request a specific rating, or specify tags or archive warnings. You may suggest these things in your prompt details, but they will be optional rather than required.

-You may select up to 6 characters or relationships per request and up to 20 per offer.

-A single request works primarily on an AND basis, so if you select 6 characters or relationships, you are asking for a fic with all of them in it and may not get a matchup short of a person who was bold and foolhardy enough to select 'any character' or 'any pairing', who will be swearing about you. Separate what you want out through your requests - you can make 6 requests, after all.

-A single offer works on an OR basis so you can select as much as you like up to the limit. The maximum that AO3 allows me to make available for selection is 20 characters or relationships per offer. There are however 10 opportunities to offer, so if you're feeling brave that should allow you to cover most of the tag set, allowing for select omissions (for instance if you want to avoid an RPF assignment). Be aware that how you group things per each offer determines what you could get asked to write together within the same request.

-You can also offer 'Any', for the very brave indeed.

-My relationship tags (ie. the ones I created specifically for the tag set for this challenge) and the majority of the standard AO3 tags are alphabetical by characters, but there are a tricky few to catch you out. Look out for Duke Crocker/Audrey Parker and Duke Crocker/Audrey Parker/Nathan Wuornos, for eg. Generally if you type a character name in the field AO3 will give you a drop-down list of all the relationships that include them no matter which order they are listed in.

-There is an opportunity on the request form to provide a link to a post on LJ, Dreamwidth, Tumblr or the platform of your choice that expands upon your requests and your personal likes and dislikes. If you haven't encountered this before, it's possible to make a post on, say, livejournal, that reads "placeholder for Troubled Tales 'Dear Author' letter" while doing the initial signup and then edit the post to fill in the details at some point before the requests are sent out, giving you more time to mull things over. This is just an extra chance to provide someone writing for you with further information about how to write something you'll like.

-You will receive a list of between 3 and 6 prompts. Do not panic. You are only required to write a fic of 1000 words or over that matches ONE prompt. If you have been assigned that recipient, then you should have matched on at least one prompt. If you matched on more, or all, then you have a choice, but you only need to write one story.

-If you want to write more than one story, you can most certainly do that, and, well, awesome! You will only be able to directly post the first story from the AO3 form to fulfil your assignment or the ticky box provided under the regular posting form, however. Any further stories you will have to manually add to the collection "Troubled_Tales_2016" (with the underscores) in the "add to collection" field.

-I may, at some point toward the end of the challenge, make the requests list public for "madness" free-for-all spree of writing treat fics that do not have to match the 1000 word minimum limit.

-You do need an AO3 account to participate in this fic exchange. I have invites available for anyone who needs to sign up with AO3 for the purposes of participating! Email me to claim one.



Signups are required to have between 3-6 different prompts/requests you would like writing for you and 3+ character or ship offers that you are willing to write.

Select pairings in the relationship box if you want shipper fic. Select groups of characters or a single character using the character box if you want gen. You can mix and match with selections from both boxes on one request but try to do it sparingly. You don't have to select by character if you've already selected those characters in the 'ship.

You are always free to suggest additional characters that you might like to see, but are not a requirement to fill the prompt, in the details box.

Do not indicate preferences for one request over the others. Your writer could match on any of your 3+ requests. Do not put them in the situation of feeling like they can't make you happy from the start.

The foremost requirement of this challenge is that you write and post one FINISHED story of 1000 words or over by the deadline that matches the character(s) or relationship(s) on the prompt you receive.

If your story is a collection of drabbles or collection of stories, it still needs to be 1000 words plus and finished/complete by the deadline.

If your story wants to march off into an epic WIP of 100,000 words, that's awesome indeed, but still won't be fulfilling the challenge if it isn't finished by the deadline. I would suggest in this case that you reach a sort of wrap-up stage that passes for an ending and call it the first in a series, or write a 1000 word short to replace it and upload your MonsterFic later, or contact me at to talk it over. It may be that we need to generate a pinch hit, but if you write an epic novel, that's still all sorts of awesome, and totally to be encouraged.

Details and prompts should be regarded primarily as optional information to help spark ideas, excepting the case where the requester specifically says that they do not want something. Going ahead and writing a story full of someone's triggers or DNWs is obviously a crappy thing to do and will be frowned upon.

Further to the question of details, you can indicate you're a-ok for darkfic, kink, straight-up porn, just be aware that you may not get it, and it may be wise at least try to give some option that you would be happy with if you happen to get a writer who's not able to fulfill the extremes. Ditto for fluff and schmoop.

On the flip side of the situation, do not gripe about or bash your recipient's kinks or prompts if you don't like details in your request, either publicly on LJ/Tumblr/DW/Twitter or in the header of your posted fic or in the fic itself. Please remember that everyone has different kinks and preferences. If there's something you don't like, firmly LALALALA and disregard that detail to work with the other options in the description or else the basic pairing(s) or character(s) requested instead.

Use major archive warnings when you post. If you think using them is detrimental to your fic and that you have a case for 'choose not to warn', contact me to discuss it because we're bearing in mind that in this instance said fic is a gift for someone else. I am leaving trigger warnings to individual discretion but if your story has that kind of content and it was not directly requested, it would probably be wise to email me so that I can check the situation with your recipient before you get too far underway with writing it in the first place.

Feel free to add illustrations/fanmixes/extras, so long as you can keep them somewhat anonymous until after the reveal. It may be that you can logistically only add these after the reveal if posting them breaks anonymity. Or talk to me and I'll see if I can find a way to host it.

If you cannot complete your assignment, for any reason, please email me at to discuss options as soon as you realise you are in difficulty.

Try to keep the nature of your assignment and name of your recipient secret until the reveals! Guessing is meant to be part of the fun!

If you are willing to write pinch hits and wish to be notified if any come available, please let me know by email when you sign up.

I am allowing a week between the deadline and the collection being revealed, for the checking of the archive and generation of possible pinch hits, so extensions MAY be possible, but please do try to get a story in on time in the first instance.