Marvel's Endgame Reboot: The Fandom Assembles

This collection is based on the "Alternate Universe" principle firmly established within the Marvel universe and strongly suggested in the MCU. Stories posted to this collection will follow the canon of Universe Prime which can be found in the Rules section.

Spoilers for all MCU films, including Avengers Endgame, will be present throughout this collection.

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The effects of Endgame didn’t just impact one universe. The power of all 6 Infinity Stones cause shockwaves blasting through all corners of the galaxies and beyond.

In Universe Prime, Tony Stark is plagued by nightmares of a post apocalyptic hellscape. In her apartment, shared with Vision, Wanda Maximoff wakes up screaming at the horrors flooding her sleep. Huddled behind a dumpster in a forgotten alley, Peter Parker feels himself falling apart by the images haunting his waking mind.

One person, however, is all too aware of the cause behind the devastation taking place. Stephen Strange stands before the Cauldron of the Cosmos; coral flames surging from its limitless depths. No heat bakes his face, however. Rather a chill settles into his chest at the sight that unfolds.

It is nothing less than the fracturing of the multiverse.


Here you'll find a world much the same as the MCU we've always known and loved, save for a few, crucial, differences. Here, there was never a Civil War. There was never a broken team, broken trust, nor waste of life. Instead, you'll find a universe where things went just a little bit differently.

Tony Stark isn't dead, though he is plagued by nightmares born from the repercussions of the alternate events that ripple through the multiverse. Due to the severe injuries sustained from using the gauntlet, as well as the chronic problems with his joints and heart, he is forced to retire Iron Man; though continues to head the Avengers in more of a management role. Having lost an arm, he turns his attentions to prosthetics; finding joy in creating advanced limbs for the countless people who've lost or were born without arms/ legs/ hands/ feet/ etc.

Steve Rogers never traveled back in time to marry Peggy; though he has found peace with his life in this future world and has created a powerful bond with Sam and Bucky - his closest friends. Ready to take a slightly less active role in Avengering, Steve considers passing on his shield to Sam. Maybe it's time to see this world from somewhere, other, than behind a shield. The question, then, is what next?

Bruce remains in conflict with Hulk - Hulk does not want to be called out simply to fight and destroy. He is working on a way to join these two sides of himself. Can there yet be a way to find balance in a soul filled with rage?

Natasha is still on her hero's journey to find absolution for her past; a journey that will take her through dangers and heartbreak but, eventually, will provide the purpose she's sought for so long. She has a particular heart for at-risk children and young adults and has become a terror to those in the slave trade. However, since stepping away from the Avengers, she is often found yearning for the only family she has ever claimed. Will she find her way back to them? Or is her purpose leading her in a different direction? And who is this young woman skulking in her shadow? Narrow and hungry and, yet, the softness of baby fat still cling to her cheeks. Her family gone and with nobody left to care for this child, Natasha soon finds herself with a new traveling companion; a young girl named Kamala Khan.

Clint Barton struggles for balance between family life and being an Avenger. He is constantly pulled in two directions but, as he slowly begins to accept his role as a guide to the younger heroes - setting them on a path to success, he realizes he's exactly where he belongs.

Thor has found his place as king to the survivors of Asgard. Not content merely to hide in a forgotten corner of the world, he creates a partnership with T'Challa to reach out to the lost, disenfranchised, forgotten, and persecuted people of Earth. Together, the two kings create a sanctuary and place of safety within the protected dome of Wakanda. With Brunnhilde as his most trusted second in command, Thor is still able to split duties between caring for his people and helping to protect Earth as an Avenger.

Stephen Strange is aware of the alternate universe; the repercussions are that Tony's sacrifice sent a shockwave through the multiverse. In most people, it has caused feelings of unease or depression which eventually fade. For those closer to the epicenter; the rest of the Avengers and those who had been near Tony in Endgame; the effects are acute stress and panic as well as persistent anxiety. Those affected most are Peter Parker, Tony Stark, and Stephen Strange. Anyone who had died in the alt universe will have ongoing feelings of anxiety and an overall sense of doom. Some people also feel an odd sense of survivor's guilt; specifically those who are dead or had dusted in the alt universe.

Loki's fate, currently, is unclear. However, a strangely familiar figure; with no memory of his origins, wanders through the rubble of Xandar. How he arrived on this planet; what his purpose may be; remain locked behind a black wall in his mind. And, yet, there is an aching pull towards.... something. The memory of bold laughter; and the sense that something, someone, is desperately missing.

Vision was not killed in Wakanda. Shuri succeeded in removing the Mind stone in time; though it was still lost to Thanos before Wanda could destroy it. Due to all they faced with the terrifying war, Vision and Wanda realize they cannot hide from their roles as protectors. The Earth needs them and they have a purpose that is greater than themselves.

Pepper Potts has embraced the life of a hero - one she has vehemently resisted for years. But with Tony benched and maybe through extended exposure (as well as an amazing suit he had created in secret) she finally gives in. And, to her delight and consternation, discovers how much she loves this.

Nebula lost her life in a final act of love - trading herself to the Soul Stone to restore Gamora's life and to reverse the horror of their "father" - claiming her own fate, on her own terms, in the bargain. However, she will never be forgotten, and there are worlds and galaxies that will remember her forever.

Current, active, full-time Avengers: Spiderman, Antman, Wasp, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, War Machine, Falcon
- Team leader: War Machine

Part-time Avengers: Rescue (Pepper Potts), Thor, Hawkeye, Winter Soldier, Captain America

"As-needed" Avengers ("this better be serious!"): Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Brunnhilde

Consultants/ teachers/ leaders: Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Steve Rogers, Thor

Carol Danvers and the Guardians of the Galaxy protect the rest of the universe and only turn up on very rare occasions.



Can I post slash?

- Yes

Can I post art?

- Yes

Can I post a story that deviates from the established Universe Prime canon?

- Yes, so long as it is a "fix-it" story it is welcome here!

Can I post crossover fic?

- Yes

Can I post deathfic?

- Yes 


What year is Universe Prime set in?

- 2019

Who is alive in Universe Prime that isn't in Russo Universe?

- Tony Stark, Gamora (that one is complicated), Black Widow, Vision

Is Loki alive?

- That is left to individual writers as it isn't even clear in Russo Universe

Was Tony still injured in his battle with Thanos?

- Yes. He was stabbed while on Titan. Laster, he lost his right arm when he used his armor to claim the Infinity Stones. The power of restoring life nearly killed him.

Is there a 5 year gap?

- No

Is there a Morgan Stark?

- Not currently. However, a writer may choose to give Tony that family.

Did Thanos get all of the stones?

- Yes. However, after Nebula gets the gauntlet and kills him, the stones are scattered; with Stephen Strange taking control of the Time stone.

Did Thanos kill Gamora?

- Yes, but Nebula was able to bring her back in trading her life to the Soul Stone.

Was half of the universe destroyed by Thanos?

- Yes. However, Thor killed him before he could escape.

Is Thanos dead?

- Yes; he was killed by Nebula. She then used the gauntlet to restore Gamora but, in doing so, traded her life for her sister.

Did Stephen still see only 1 scenario where they won?

- Yes. It is, obviously, different from the one in the Russo Universe.

Did Steve Rogers go back in time to live with Peggy?

- No.

Did Steve Rogers give his shield to Sam?

- This is up to the individual writer.

Who was on Titan to battle Thanos?

- Tony Stark, Stephen Strange, Peter Parker, Nebula, and the Guardians

Did Peter meet Tony the same way as he did in Civil War?

- No. However it was similar. Tony has a watch list of potential recruits to be Avengers and Peter tops his list. He DOES still go to Peter and May's apartment but the one difference is that he isn't there to take Peter into battle.

Does Pepper still have Extremis in her body?

- Unclear. Will be left up to writers.

Are Natasha and Bruce dating?

- Not currently. They were never able to fully make a connection and consider each other very close friends.



Universe Prime (versus "Russo's" Universe) Canon:






Captain Marvel (SAME)
Iron Man (SAME)
The Incredible Hulk (SAME)
Iron Man 2 (SAME)
Thor (SAME)
Captain America: The First Avenger (SAME)
Marvel's The Avengers (SAME)
Iron Man 3 (SAME)
Thor: The Dark World (SAME)
Captain America: The Winter Soldier (SAME)
Guardians of the Galaxy (SAME)
Avengers: Age of Ultron (SAME)
Ant-Man (SAME)
1. Captain America: Civil War (DIVERGENT)
Doctor Strange (SAME)
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (SAME)
2. Spider-Man: Homecoming (DIVERGENT)
Thor: Ragnarok (SAME)
Black Panther (SAME)
3. Avengers: Infinity War (DIVERGENT)
4. Ant-Man and the Wasp (DIVERGENT)
5. Avengers: Endgame (DIVERGENT)

1. First Divergence: In the Prime Universe, there was disagreement between the Avengers but it never devolved into a full war. Tony and Steve were able to overcome their fight and forge a path that involved give and take on both sides. The Accords were reworked because the Avengers, along with the Wakandan government, were able to write a proposal that was acceptable enough on all sides.

2. Second Divergence: Tony still presents Peter with his first Stark Spiderman suit. However, it is not after the team war in Germany.

3. Third Divergence: Very minor differences with MAJOR repercussions. Because Steve and Tony aren’t fighting, there is a solid partnership among the team. They’ve worked together from the start to handle this threat and to prepare for what’s coming.
a) The solid team means everyone at full capacity: Vision is saved though Thanos still gets the Mind stone before it can be destroyed.
b) Carol Danvers arrives on Earth to aid in the battle. She was contacted by Fury when the invasion began and Tony and Stephen Strange were both taken from the planet.

4. Forth Divergence: Minor scene yet Major impact; Because the dusting was temporary, twenty minutes at most, they bring Scott back on schedule.

5. There is no 5 years into the future because there is no need. Thanos was defeated during Infinity Wars because the team wasn’t also fighting itself. Because Vision wasn’t killed, he is instrumental, along with Carol Danvers, in defeating the dark forces the first time around. Meanwhile, with the added help, Wanda is able to guard Vision while the Mind stone is removed. She immediately takes it to a safe location for destruction. However, it goes no better than it had in the Russo Universe as Thanos simply restores it with the Time stone. Thanos manages to carry out his threat - killing half of all life - but not until after Nebula fatally injures him with Gamora's blade through his skull; which Thanos had kept on his belt. Tony uses the stones to restore life, but loses his arm to the immense power surge. Afterwards, Nebula willingly gives her life, trading it to the Soul stone, in order to bring back Gamora.

- All stories/art posted to this collection falls under Universe Prime.
- Your stories can be deathfics if you choose. Just include appropriate warnings.
- Slash is accepted
- Time travel does not happen in this universe but you can certainly bring it into play in your fic.
- Please refer to the Introduction and FAQs for specific canon details.




* The Russo Universe is 5 years ahead of Universe Prime. The Snap still affected Universe Prime because shockwaves not only ripples across the universe laterally, but also across time.
* Traveling in time can be massively damaging to the psyche. The longer one spends in either the past or the future, the more damage they do to their mind and bodies.
* Any change in the past, no matter how small, will create divergent timelines.
* Removing Infinity Stones from the timeline will not simply disrupt time but fracture it. Restoring them at the moment of their removal will mend rifts, but there is still damage done as it weakens the walls of reality.




* They cannot be destroyed without massive consequences to space time. It's just as well Thanos restored the stone Wanda destroyed as it could have torn a hole in reality.
* After life is restored in Universe Prime, Stephen Strange takes the stones to various places across the multiverse that only he knows about. He is able to hide them where no mortal could ever access them again and surrounds them with incantations only he can break.