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The Campaign of Five Dragons was a Dungeons and Dragons 5e game played from 2016-2017, set in a homebrew world vaguely based on some characters from the Dark Souls video games. There is a general hopefully-funny primer on the game here, but in more seriousness:

Four women receive messages from King Seath, offering whatever they most desire in exchange for retrieving an item stolen from him by one of the last few living dragons. They're an unlikely teamup, but they quickly grow close, after adventures involving pie plates, rats, and a bar named Some Hole. That's lucky, since when they reach the dragon Seath swears stole something from him, they discover something entirely different: that Seath is a dragon himself, in human disguise, bent on killing the other four dragons left in the world to become Tiamat and bring about the apocalypse.

The women take on the task of warning all the dragons to prevent Seath's ascent. Along the way, they make friends (from a wizard currently playing host to the god of paladins to a mermaid), enemies (including Lolth, a dark spider goddess), and acquaintances somewhere between (including a paladin who begins as an enemy and ends on the road to redemption). There are rifts that lead to visits to the past, demon possessions, carnivorous sheep in the underdark, and more than a few adventures in between.


Phillippa Windrose, known as Phi, is a half-orc fighter who hits unbelievably hard but is still the sensible one in the group. She has more than her fair share of past trauma, but she grits her teeth and gets through everything the campaign throws at her with grace and badassery. She's married to Terry, who didn't appear in the campaign but who appears in the many epilogues the players are engaged in writing, and her home is at Fairpoint Hold, with her many brothers.

Quil is short for Tranquility, but Quil herself is a little short on that. She's a tiefling sorceress whose wild magic surges have endangered those she cares about enough that she's come to fear her own magic, especially since it came to her when something happened to her sister when they were children, when they fell through a rift. Adventuring can be difficult, when you might sometimes end up floating or speaking in pink bubbles or setting yourself and your companions on fire, but Quil is a formidable foe.

Valira Wayfinder is a human druid, cast out by her family after breaking their pacifistic code. She's more comfortable with animals than with humans, and her first response to a problem is to bullshit her way through it and then hit it with her staff. She spends much of canon possessed by a demon, who is always offering her power in exchange for little pieces of her soul, but she does her best to grit her teeth and ignore it.

And Kithri Tealeaf is the party's cleric, a halfling who worships Yondalla and whose pet is an acid-spitting hummingbird. She's a fast-talking old woman who solves a somewhat improbable number of problems by baking pies. For a while, she's held captive by the goddess Lolth, but she comes out fighting, and you don't want to be on her bad side.


Terry, as mentioned above, is Phi's husband, a kind and charming man who's been exchanging letters with her all through her journey.

Haoti Ewhoza is a paladin who began as an enemy working for Seath and ended up as a reluctant ally. They were told that he was a worthy soul, and he was, at least in theory, on the path to redemption before his own demon possession overcame him and killed him at last. Resurrected by Valira in the post-canon.

Arfil is a wizard who's been playing host to the god Paladine for a very long time--millennia, in fact. Hosting a god has had a strain on his mind, over the years. He's taken and held by Lolth, and is in need of rescue.

Where he is, Idilus is not far away. He's a dragonborn wizard and the head of a wizard college in Erelest, and he and Arfil have been friends since they were young.

There are others, from Vesta, a mermaid also resurrected by Valira, to Captain Keene and Lauren the technical and actual captains whose ships the PCs ride on, to thieves and enemies and dragons galore, but those are the most common likely to show up.


Once the DM had ridden off into the sunset, there were some things to fix, mostly to do with PC backstories and plot threads left dangling. Thus, a party affectionately known as "the baby party" was born, and they made it possible for Haoti Ewhoza to be rescued and saved Quil's sister.

Cordelia is Quil's sister, not a PC in the epilogue but part of the party when the epilogue ended anyway, likely to become a barbarian or a fighter. She spent most of her life with two souls, but once her new friends had that fixed, she was glad to meet her sister again and travel with them.

Trilli is Valira's cousin, a bard who's a little confused about how she ended up on this quest but who is very intrigued by Cordelia and who very much wants to write a ballad about Quil. It's her idea to buy the sunglasses that become the party's trademark.

Tesni accidentally started a political revolution in the middle of one of the main party's adventures and has fled to the other side of the world to get away from it. She's a cleric of Yorshka, god of knowledge, and is a little bemused by all these people but very willing to be involved in the quest.

Wynne, when disaster struck her formerly ordered life in the form of a tarrasque, decided to start a new life as a rogue. It's a noble idea, to be sure, with only the small hiccup that she's not very good at sneaking around. Or, in fact, staying on her own two feet.

And Star is a paladin who heard the god of paladins was being held by an evil goddess and ran away from hero school to save him. She was too late for that, but when he gives her a task, she obediently (if sometimes begrudgingly) takes it up.