TRC Winter Holiday Exchange 2021

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A collection for all the works (fic and art) resulting from the Winter Holiday Exchange of The Raven Cycle/Dreamer Trilogy fandom

(Open, Unmoderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

About TRC Winter Holiday Exchange 2021 (TRCWinterExchange21)

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Sat 18 Dec 2021 08:00PM GMT
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The Winter Holiday exchange aims to provide a nice fandom give-and-take between creators of art and/or fics!
All participants will be matched with each other according for their expressed preferences and will have to create gifts for each other.
Remember: during the creation period your recipient and the precise nature of your work is supposed to be SECRET!

Follow us on Tumblr for live updates, and consider joining us on Discord!



What are the requirements for gifts? – For fic, at least 1,000 words; for artwork, a clean sketch on unlined paper, or digital art. All works are to be posted on AO3.

What if I don’t have an AO3 account? – Feel free to contact the mods; we can help you with that by sending an invite!

How do sign-ups and matching work? – Sign-ups will be through the AO3 'signup form'. The matching will be done by AO3 through an algorithm. Once all matches are made, you will be communicated the name of your recipient via email, and forwarded their request info. Please don’t say publicly who you’re creating for until your work is posted!

How do I post my gift? – After receiving your assignment, it will be visible in your 'Assignment' page, along with the options to 'Fulfill' and 'Default'. By clicking on Fulfill you will able to post your gift.

What will I receive? What will I create? – This will be based on the preferences you list when you sign up. You won’t receive anything that includes ratings, warnings, or content you asked not to see. You’ll have info about what your giftee is and isn’t okay with, too. You won’t be responsible for writing a fic if you signed up to make art, and vice versa!

What are ‘Do not wants’? - ‘Do not wants’ (DNWs) are lists of unwanted content from recipients to creators, such as squicks and strong dislikes. We ask every creator to please pay attention to their recipient’s Do Not Wants, to make sure everyone has a gift they’re comfortable with.

Can I request any pairing? Yes! Just be specific about what you want, please!

Can I post my gift elsewhere? - Since this is anonymous, you’re requested to wait to post elsewhere till the reveals on jan 11! After authors and matches are made public, you're free to cross-post on any platform of your preference!

When is the deadline? – Posting starts on December 20th and ends January 11th. [EXTENSION! Now Jan 18th]

What if I need to drop out? - Just press the 'Default' button in your assignment page and contact the mods as well so we can know.


If you have any more questions, feel free to contact any mod or send an ask!



+ Fics: 1,000 words; Artwork: a clean sketch (on unlined paper, or digital).

+ Please respect your assigned recipient's Do Not Wants and rating preferences.