Transformers Summer Gift Exchange

A Transformers fandom gift exchange!

(Open, Moderated, Unrevealed, Anonymous, Gift Exchange Challenge)

About Transformers Summer Gift Exchange (TFSummerEX)

Active since:
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Assignments Due:
Mon 01 Aug 2016 08:00PM PDT
Works Revealed:
Sat 13 Aug 2016 08:00PM PDT
Authors Revealed:
Sat 20 Aug 2016 08:00PM PDT
Signed up:
  • Lady_Katana4544,
  • Merfilly,
  • hellkitty,
  • GhostHost,
  • wicked3659,
  • eerian_sadow,
  • raininshadows,
  • Skywinder,
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Sign-up period: June 2-24
Assignments sent out by June 26
Check-in: July 15
Last day to request an extension: July 29
Assignments due: August 1
Extension period: August 1-7
Pinch hitting period: August 7-12
Works revealed: August 13
Authors revealed: August 20



What is the Transformers Summer Gift Exchange?
This is an exchange for Transformers fans of all continuities!

What kinds of work can I submit for the exchange?
Fanfiction and fanart are welcome! Mixed media works are also accepted, but they must meet at least one of the minimums.

How many things can I request/offer?
The minimum is 3, the maximum is 8 requests and offers. You can't request specific ships, only characters and series, but do feel free to include your preferred ships in your optional details/Dear Creator letter.

Can I specify what type of fanwork I create/receive?

Can I edit my sign up?
Yes, but only until sign ups close.

What if I don't like my assignment?
To prevent this, only offer characters/series that you are truly willing to create for! Remember that it is ultimately up to you what you will create; you should pay attention to your recipient's additional details, but these are not concrete rules.

Can I ignore my recipient's additional details?
This is up to you. It's polite to consider your recipient's preferences, but it is not required. That being said, if your recipient lists dislikes, NOTPs, or triggers, it is my (the mod's) request that you at least keep those things in mind when you are filling your assignment.

Can I make more than one gift?
Yes! You can create treats for your recipient and other people (check out the requests summary in the sidebar after assignments are sent out), as long as you complete the required main gift. There are no minimum requirements for treats, but make sure that your treat is labeled as such!



-Fanfic must be at least 1,000 words in English.
-Fanart must be at least 600 x 400 pixels in size.
-Mixed media works must adhere to at least one of these minimums.
-No WIPs.
-There is no maximum work limit.
-Gifts must also be clearly recognizable as fanwork for the fandom and character specified.