The Snape/Weasleys Archive

Welcome to The Snape/Weasleys Archive! This collection preserves works originally hosted on The Snape/Weasley Archive. Opened in 2001, The Snape/Weasley Archive accepted fanfiction that paired Severus Snape with any male member of the Weasley family. The archive was also a member of the Snape Slash Fleet, an association of archives centered around Severus Snape pairings. Though the archive closed in 2011, the content was backed up and saved by the moderator until its move to the Archive of Our Own.

The Snape/Weasley Archive is OPEN to new works that pair Severus Snape with a male member of the Weasley family.

The import of this archive to the AO3 was approved by the OTW Open Doors Committee on 27 December 2020, and began in April 2021.

(Open, Moderated)

Recent works