Sherlock Holmes 60 for 60: 60 word ficlets for the 60 ACD Sherlock Holmes canon cases

As I'm sure you all already know, Doyle wrote sixty stories that involved Sherlock Holmes. Most were short stories; four were novel-length, and together they gave us Holmes, Watson, and their wonderful world. They inspired a whole genre of fiction, countless movies and television adaptations, spin-offs, and a whole lotta fanfiction. :-)

Spacemutineer and I started an LJ community (Sherlock60) where each week, we (and anyone else who wants to) write 60 words* on a canon story, going in alphabetical order of the standard story abbreviations. We decided to post here, too, in hopes that others will be inspired to take on and/or enjoy the challenge (and have fun on AO3)!

Want to play too? Please do! And pass the word around to anyone else you think would enjoy the reading and writing exercise. It's just sixty words, based on ONE canon story. You can put any kind of spin on it you like. If you do decide to play, please consider posting to this community so we can all enjoy your efforts. And if you like, come join us on LJ, too -!

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