Seven Shades of Drarry

Seven Shades of Drarry

In the magical world, seven is the most powerful number. We see the number seven repeated throughout the Harry Potter series. Seven Horcruxes, seven years of school, the firstborn witch in seven generations who is the seventh child, seven floors of Hogwarts, seven players in a Quidditch team, seven obstacles in the Philosopher's Stone, seven keyholes on Moody's trunk… and that's not even close to the complete list.

Seven Drarry fanfiction writers of different backgrounds, ages, and nationalities have come together. Seven different writing styles, seven different strengths, seven different weaknesses, but all united in one project, working together to create one unified collection based around the number seven.

Each theme will have seven threads, each writer assigned a thread to inspire their story, and all combined to create The Seven Shades of Drarry.

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