Sentinel Bingo

Sentinel Bingo

Sentinel Bingo is a creative fanworks challenge for fans of The Sentinel tv show.

All fanworks are welcome - art, stories, meta, vids, audio - anything goes.

Our schedule for 2018:

1 February - Open for signups
7 April - First 'soft' deadline
10 November - Final deadline for bingo claims
11 November - Amnesty begins
16 December - Amnesty ends

(Open, Unmoderated)

About Sentinel Bingo (SenBingo)

Active since:



How to play Sentinel Bingo

Step 1 - Sign up and request your bingo card

You can sign up by commenting on the Join In posts on Dreamwidth or Livejournal, or by sending us an email at [at] gmail dot com. When you join, tell us whether you want a gen or slash bingo card. The card does NOT obligate you to create only gen or slash works. It just determines the kind of prompts you will get. A slash card will include some prompts that might suit a sexy or romantic story. A gen card will be more generic. You can create any genre you like, regardless of the card you initially select.

The mods will send your card by email or by replying to your comment. You have a week to request a different card if we send you one you just can't work with. But you can only request a switch once.

Step 2 - Create and post your work

Your card will have 24 prompts, plus one "wild card" square - that is, creator's choice.

In all cases, how you interpret the prompt is up to you. You can write any type of story, or meta, or create art, vids, playlists. You can podfic - in this instance the story you record doesn't have to be your own work, but you do need the writer's consent; you could remix - again with the original writer's consent. Crossovers, fusions, AUs are all welcome. Anything goes as long as it's new - but if in doubt, check with the mods.

Here's how the bingo cards are being created:

* 6 prompts on each card will be TS episode titles. You could use these for fanworks related to the episode, or you can ignore that it's an episode name and simply use the words as a prompt for something unrelated.

* 6 prompts on each card will refer to fic genres such as "angst", "bonding" and so on. If you have requested a slash card, some of these may be slash-specific. While the idea is for you to create something that fits the genre, if the genre doesn't appeal to you you could interpret them a bit differently. To make this easier, most genre names have been altered slightly from the popular "-fic" names e.g. slavefic will appear on cards as "slavery".

* 6 prompts on each card will be for common fanfic "tropes" such as "werewolves" or "road trip". If you have requested a slash card some of these may be sexual in nature.

* 6 prompts on each card will be from a random list of more generic stuff. Both Gen and Slash cards use the same base list. The possibilities here include characters, places, objects, holidays...that kind of thing.

The 24 prompts appear randomly on each card, with the Wild Card square always in the centre.

Each card will be unique, though since they are created as a random selection from the same list, there will be some prompts that appear on more than one card.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create five fanworks answering five prompts that form a line on the card. Any line will do: horizontal, vertical or diagonal through the middle. You can also go for a cross: an X-cross is all four corners plus the wildcard square, a +-cross is the middle square of the top, bottom, left and right sides plus the wildcard square.

Acceptable 5-work bingos:
allowed bingos

Your fanworks must be new - created after this challenge opens - but you don't have to wait until you're ready to claim your bingo to post your work. You can post each piece as you finish them. The main venue for the challenge is AO3, and we want you to put your work into the Sentinel Bingo collection, but we will accept fanworks posted elsewhere, as long as its public (nothing where you have to register to see it).

Step 3: Claim your first bingo win

When you have completed and posted your first five fanworks, in a line or cross, claim your bingo by posting a reply to the claims post on DW or LJ, or by emailing us if you prefer.

Claim your Bingo on Dreamwidth
Claim your Bingo on Livejournal
or claim your bingo by emailing us at [at] gmail dot com



Your comment claiming a bingo win should look like this:

My bingo card (link)

My claim (line, cross or full card)

List of fanworks (5 or 25) in the format
Prompt - Type of fanwork - Title - Link.
Include any appropriate warnings (such as NSFW) after each fanwork.

Say whether you want a confirmation email (and include your email address if you do).

The mods will verify your claim and announce your win on LJ and DW. If you've asked for an email, we will send that too.

We will accept entries wherever they are posted. But if you post on AO3 you must add your entries to the Sentinel Bingo collection or they will not be counted.

Step 4: Pat yourself on the back and decide what to do next

When you have won your first bingo, you can either

  • ask for a new bingo card and start over; or
  • Get to work on filling a new line or cross.

You can also aim to fill the whole card - 25 fanworks - for super-bragging rights.

Not challenging enough?

Here are some fun variations on the game if you really want to stretch your creative muscles.

  • Write a series, so each prompt answer you create continued the story or theme.
  • Challenge yourself to create the same kind of thing for each square such as 5 or 25 Drabbles.
  • Write a 25 chapter story and use the prompts as chapter titles. For bonus bragging rights, do it in the order they appear on your card!
  • Mix and match: a story for one prompt, and an artwork to go with the story answering another prompt.
  • Get meta!



What kinds of fan works are allowed?
Just about anything, as long as it's Sentinel-related. Fiction, non-fiction, music playlists, filks, vids, art, photo collages, and anything else you can think of. No real-person fic, though: this is about the Sentinel characters and concepts not about the actors.

Can I write [insert here]?
If it's Sentinel, it's allowed. Look, we’re trying to make this as open as possible. Just stick with Sentinel (the 1990s cop show, not that godawful Michael Douglas movie or those weird X-Men robots) and we are good!

Is there a word limit?
No. Well, minimum 100 words, which is a Drabble. But no upper limit.

Can I enter a work I have already started?
Sure, if it hasn't appeared elsewhere before we open the bingo challenge.

What about something I wrote for a different purpose like Sen Angst dues?
Same rule - it has to be new since the challenge opened. But we are happy to accept work you entered into other challenges or communities, if it also happens to fit a prompt on your bingo card. Make sure that's within the rules for the other challenge too, though.

What do I win?
Bragging rights, a nifty certificate and a listing in our Hall of Fame, for any bingos claimed before the second target date. Amnesty bingos only get you eligible for next year; no other prizes.

Why the Amnesty then?
Making these cards takes time and effort. In return for a card, we ask you to participate in the challenge. If you can't be assed to make one lousy icon or write a hundred word fic, then we can't be assed to make a new card for you next year. That really is the minimum. You have most of the year to go for a bingo win. Stuff happens, inspiration deserts us, and sometimes you just can't manage to make a line. That's totally okay. All we ask is if you can't manage a line, you fill just one square during the amnesty. It can even be your wildcard square!

So, how does that work if I asked for a new card after I got my first bingo?
You are good to go. The second (or third, or fourth etc.) card is a freebie if you have a win under your belt. But the count will reset each year.

So if I fail to submit anything during the year, I'm banned forever?
No, only for one year. You can join in again after that if the challenge keeps going that long.




The main venue for this challenge is AO3, with communities on Dreamwidth and LiveJournal to co-ordinate things. We accept fanworks posted anywhere online as long as they are fully public (that is, you don't have to sign up to access the fanwork).

If you post your bingo fanworks on AO3, you must add them to the Sentinel Bingo collection or they will not be counted.


There will be two target dates and a deadline.

Target 1: 7 April Soft target for a first bingo. You can still take part if you miss this one, but you lose bragging rights.

Target 2: 10 November Full card target, or second card target. If you missed target 1, you must claim at least your first bingo by this date to win a place in our hall of fame. This will be end of October.

Amnesty deadline: 16 December After target 2, we begin our amnesty period. During this time you can continue to claim bingos as usual. But if you requested a card and have not claimed a bingo by Target 2, you have until the end of the amnesty to post at least one fan work for one of your prompts. If you miss the deadline, you won't be eligible to join in next year.