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This is the new home of the Yahoo Sarek and Amanda group's archive and I am only the maintainer or archivist. I do have some stories of my own here, but basically this is the Sarek and Amanda Archive from the Yahoo group. The old archive is found here:

Stories submitted do not have to be about both as a couple, they can be about one or the other; but either Sarek or Amanda must be the *main* character in the story. Stories from non-TOS universes are also acceptable (TNG, TAS, ST2009 and other AU universes, etc.), however, the main focus of this collection is TOS Sarek/Amanda. We do not accept any slash stories on this collection, and, therefore, any slash stories posted to this collection will be regrettably removed. I'm sure there are other collections that cater to those stories.

The import of this archive to the AO3 was approved by the OTW Open Doors Committee in January 2021.

The archive import was completed in August 2021.

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