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    On today's feature presentation, the role of Tappei is played by Spriteanon, featuring SNUser as Editor-kun!

    Started on a whim on April 4th, 2021 as a bit of practice, this is a semi-retelling of the story of Re:Zero which does and will diverge within certain limits from the original story itself, incorporating a number of ideas which's disclosure for the most part would serve as nothing but spoiler.

    The primary divergence present from the start, is what the whim was based on. A community cried out, as the writer of a "Fembaru" fanfic disappeared, and so was born this story to fill the void. If "Fembaru" is unclear, the initial divergence, is that in this world Natsuki Subaru is in fact a woman. However, one should neither expect the world to be fully switched when it comes to the sexes, nor that Subaru is the only one who is switched. Since again this fanfiction was started to fill a void in a community, said community got a vote on which major characters would switch and which wouldn't. In future, as the story progresses, similar votes may still be held.




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