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Agent Carter fanworks exchange

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Hello, and welcome! This is a fanworks exchange for Agent Carter. All characters and pairings are welcome! You can follow us on Livejournal, Dreamwidth, or Tumblr for updates.

This exchange is run by Sholio, aka laylainalaska and sholiofic on tumblr. You can contact me via private message on LJ, DW, or Tumblr.

• March 1-12: Nominations.
• March 15-25: Signups.
• March 28 or 29: Assignments go out.
• May 1: No-fault dropout deadline.
• June 1: Fanworks due.
• June 8: Archive goes live.
• June 15: Reveals.



How it Works:
SSR Confidential is based around Agent Carter characters and relationships (gen or ship). You may request and offer either characters, relationships, or both; and you'll be assigned to a player who requested at least one of the characters or relationships that you offered to make fic, art, or vids for.

There will be five stages: nominations, signups, assignments, anonymous works revealed, and author reveals.

Nominations (March 1-12):
People will use an AO3 form to submit up to 4 characters and relationships they would like to offer or receive fanworks for. Relationships will be entered into the "Characters" field (this is to trick AO3 into thinking they're characters, so that both relationships and characters will be treated the same for matching purposes). Relationships may be nominated as both "&" (gen) and "/" (ship) versions. For example, "Relationship: Peggy Carter & Angie Martinelli" is a gen relationship, and "Relationship: Peggy Carter/Angie Martinelli/Howard Stark" is a shippy one. Gen and ship relationships are considered different for matching purposes, and you only need to write or make art for the version you offered. You can check the SSR Confidential 2017 Tag Set to see what has already been nominated. You do not have to nominate anything, if the relationships and characters you want are already in the tag set.

Signups (March 15-25):
Players will fill out an AO3 form to request and offer to create fanworks for characters and relationships from the list. You'll list the characters and relationships you want to receive fanworks for, with (optional, but suggested) prompts for your creator, and you will offer the ones you'd like to make fanworks for. You are only guaranteed to match on one of these, and only need to create fanfic/fanart/vids for one of your recipient's requests.

Assignments (sometime around March 28 or 29):
You'll get your assignment via the email where AO3 sends your notifications.

Anonymous reveals (June 8):
You'll get your gift! All fics and artwork will show up as "anonymous" for a week. Don't mention what you wrote or drew! Keep it mysterious.

Author reveals (June 15):
Author names will now be associated with fic and art, and you can crosspost it elsewhere, link to it from your journal/tumblr, etc.


• You can nominate up to 4 characters and relationships. Check the SSR Confidential 2017 Tag Set to see what relationships have already been nominated. You do not have to nominate any characters or relationships at all if the ones you want are already there. This is not a qualifying step for players, but just a necessary part of the process to established which characters we'll be creating fanworks for.
• Because of the way AO3 is set up, relationships will be entered as if they are characters. You must enter them in the "character" field, and each needs to begin with "Relationship:". For example: "Relationship: Daniel Sousa & Jack Thompson".
• Relationships may be nominated as both "&" (gen) and "/" (ship) versions, i.e. "Relationship: Peggy Carter & Dottie Underwood" and "Relationship: Peggy Carter/Dottie Underwood" are considered different relationships for matching purposes. Make sure you nominate, request, and offer the variant that you want!
• Crossover and Original Character relationships are fine, as long as at least one person is an Agent Carter character. So "Relationship: Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter/Bucky Barnes" or "Relationship: Peggy Carter & River Song" are allowable relationships, but "Relationship: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes" is not.
• You cannot nominate individual characters who are not Agent Carter characters (although they can be part of relationships as long as at least one AC character is involved). This includes other MCU characters such as Steve Rogers or Thor.


Requests and Offers:
• You can request from 2-8 characters and relationships. You're only guaranteed to match on one of them.
• Use the Details box to provide information for your fanwork creator about what you want for each of the different characters and relationships you requested. You can give general information about your likes and dislikes, specific prompts for each of your characters and relationships, and anything else you think might help your creator make something you'll like.
• In the Letter URL field, you can have a separate letter at your blog/LJ/tumblr/etc with more information. This is optional.
• You can offer 4-12 characters and relationships. You must offer at least four. You can also offer "Any", in which case you should be prepared to be potentially assigned any character or relationship in the tag set.
• Use the ticky boxes to indicate what kind of fanworks you want to receive and offer. You can ask for different ones than you offer (e.g. you could ask for fic, but offer art).
• This exchange will be run through AO3, so you'll need an AO3 account to participate. If you don't have one, I can give you an invite code; see the intro section for how to contact me.


• Fic minimum: 1000 words.
• Art (drawn/digital): one finished and polished piece of art, at least 500px by 500px - this may be done by traditional or digital means, but should be original art, inked and/or colored.
• Art (graphics): at least one wallpaper of the desired size (recipients who want wallpapers should give their screen dimensions in their request details); or at least 10 icons; or at least two gifsets of minimum 4 gifs each; or an equivalent amount of some other kind of digital art or manip. Recipients are not guaranteed a particular kind of graphic.
• Vid: 1 minute vid.
• If a person submits an assignment that does not meet the minimum requirements, their recipient will still appear on the pinch hit list.


• A treat is an extra gift above and beyond your assignment. You can make treats for anyone in the exchange. Treats do NOT have to meet the assignment minimums. To find someone to make a treat for, you can look at the list of requests (which are public), and you can also look at the letters post to find people to treat.


Submitting your assignment:
• To submit your assignment (or a treat), go to the SSR Confidential 2017 page on AO3 and click on the "Post to Collection" link at the top right. You will get the regular AO3 fic upload form with the collection name pre-filled. (You can also use the usual "Post New Work" link, and fill in the SSR_Confidential_2017 collection from the drop-downs.) Check the ticky box that says "Gift this work to" and then fill in your recipient's name. Double-check your spelling!
• Your fanwork MUST be included in the SSR_Confidential_2017 collection or it will be publicly visible. As long as the collection is unrevealed, it will remain anonymous.
• **NEW RULE FOR 2017** NO PLACEHOLDERS. You may continue editing your assignment right up until reveals (that is, it doesn't have to be beta'd yet, and you can add to it), but you MUST have either a complete fanwork that meets the minimums in the collection at deadline, or have asked for an extension, or else your assignment will go out to pinch hit.