Rounds of Kink

This is the collection for the livejournal rounds_of_kink. This community was created to be a laid back challenge comm for those who would like to try out some kink in either their fanfiction or fanart. This comm will contain adult material and possibly some material that you may find offensive. Please be aware of this and read the warnings on the entries.

Membership is for those that are 18 and over.

Come on in and join in the fun! Kink abounds, and you know you want to play. If you'd like to see what has been posted before, use the Navigation bar in the comm or the following links posted here to help you along in your viewing pleasure.

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This is the collection for the livejournal rounds_of_kink. This community was created to be a laid back challenge comm for those who would like to try out some kink in either their fanfiction or fanart. This comm will contain adult material and possibly some material that you may find offensive. Please be aware of this and read the warnings on the entries.

This is a prompting challenge. For each round, the prompt database is opened up for people to submit prompts. Then after the prompting ends, claiming begins. Each prompt can be claimed up to 4 times (twice for fic, twice for art). The posting occurs during a 16 day period where the day you are assigned corresponds with the number of 1 through 16 included with your prompt. For more in depth about the comm, follow the links and check it out :)

Rounds of Kink for Newbies


Rules and Guidelines

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What is this comm?
It's a laid-back challenge comm for those who would like to try out some kink

Fanfic or fanart?
Either and/or both...whatever your creative genius feels like

Why is membership only over 18?
Because this is an ADULT comm, dealing with adult themes. And 18 is the recognized age of consent in America. I can and will randomly check your info pages on LJ to ensure that you are of legal age.

Why are some of these kinks not kinky?
Because I, as the mod, believe that kinks are not just hard-core kinks like D/s or non-con. I also believe that some people have kinks or fetishes for certain types of stories, for example, I love first time fics. This comm is for ALL kinks. Some people are not into the hardcore BDSM. Some people love it. Some people discover it while reading something. I wanted a broad range of kinks in this comm - kinky or not... ;)

Is RPS/RPF allowed?
RPS/RPF (Real Person Slash/Real Person Fiction) is allowed in this comm.

Are crossovers allowed?
YES! We love crossovers in this comm!

What fandoms can I prompt?
Any fandom your heart desires. I love varieties of fandoms. Of course, we have the main fandoms - SPN, SGA, SG-1, Buffy, Firefly, etc. But I love that our members also prompt smaller fandoms such as movies - The Chronicles of Riddick, Sky High, The Covenant, etc. All fandoms are welcome!

What actually ARE the LJ obscenity rules?
Best way to find them is over at . The main posts are HERE and HERE.

In this comm, I will be using pornish_pixies as a baseline for obscenity rules. A lot of the information below is from a POST in that comm

1. No photographic or non-photographic depictions of anyone fictional or otherwise under the age of 18 are allowed.

2. Artists who state specifically on posts containing artwork that the characters depicted are 18 or older (or who give specific ages above the age of 18) will be have some protection if their artwork is reported to abuse. However, this does not follow at all times. It still remains LJ Abuse's discretion to make the determination of age regardless of what the artist states.

3. Livejournal is not actively seeking violations of the policy; they must be reported to Abuse from outside sources. Ergo, if someone receives notification to take something down off a locked post, it must have been submitted by someone who was able to see said post such as a member of the community or their flist.

4. Non-photographic images (i.e. drawings, artwork) will be subject to the two-strikes rule: the owner will be notified to remove the image or face suspension if it's not removed by a specified time frame. However, there will be an appeals process in place if a suspension occurs. Photographic images will cause a journal to be immediately suspended.

5. In regards to text, underage stories are allowed if they don't encourage hate crimes, crime, or pedophilia, by which LJ means that glorification of such content cannot be the sole purpose of the story. So if you have an element of those three items that is a salient plot point (i.e. your protagonist is raped or abused as part of the plot, or a crime/hate crime occurs to or is done by a character for narrative reasons) then that would not necessarily be frowned upon.

6. In regards to a minor having their first time: not considered child porn. If said experience was with an adult figure like the Brian/Justin relationship in the US Queer as Folk tv series: not child porn. HOWEVER, I as the mod am imposing a LIMIT OF 16 YEARS OLD. This is to protect both the writers and the comm if LJ Abuse decides to go on a tear. IF YOU WRITE SEXUALLY EXPLICIT FIC ABOUT A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD, IT WILL BE DELETED. I want this comm to be as fun as possible for all involved. I do not want anything written for this comm to ever come back and bite any member on the ass. Therefore, I am imposing this rule on the comm. I would prefer the ages of 18 or above, but if your story calls for it, I will allow it. This is for FIC ONLY.

7. ALL ART MUST DEPICT CHARACTERS WHO ARE OF AGE. Please include a statement in your post to that effect.

8. For LJ purposes, if your fic is reported and deemed against policy, fiction will also be subject to the two-strikes policy; you will not be immediately suspended if your fic is determined to violate LJ policy, but you will be asked to remove it by a specified date. There will be an appeals process for this as well. (Said appeals process has yet to be clarified.)

9. This policy is retroactive, so if you have something you know violates the policy, you should remove it.

I do not think we'll have a problem in this comm, as every fic so far is not in violation. HOWEVER, if you have any questions about the obscenity policy, please contact me by commenting or my email silentflux.livejournal @ gmail dot com

I know that this rule puts a limit on several fandoms, the largest of those being Harry Potter, but unfortunately, LJ has succeeded in making me very cautious about this. I always want this comm to be fun, and I never want anything you post for it to be grounds for the LJ Abuse Team to suspend/delete.

If there is no pairing specified in the prompt, what do I do?
Choose a pairing to your liking, of course! Anyone your heart desires...

Can I use an original character as another half of the pairing if the prompt doesn't specify?
Yes, you can. Original characters are welcome.

Is there a word minimum for fics?
The minimum is 500 words. Unless it is a mini-round (which has a word minimum of 100 words).

Can I post my fics/art elsewhere?
Yes. They're yours. Do with them what you will.

Can I post a previously written fic?
No. Part of the fun of the comm is writing something brand spankin' new!

What if I want to write for a prompt in the current round that was taken off the tables because it was claimed in the previous round? Can I reprompt?
Yes! You can. The way that my tables work is this: I leave all prompts on the tables until they're claimed at least once OR until it is three rounds old. Then, for the next round, that prompt is removed from the table. Therefore, you can either reprompt that prompt (and credit the original prompter if you're prompting it exactly) OR you can wait for an Amnesty Round, which I'm planning to do at least twice a year.

How do I post my entries?
Here on Archive of Our Own you should check out their instructions on how to post to collections. Otherwise, check out or LJ facts for LJ posting instructions.

How do I rate my entries?
On LJ, please follow the fan rating system. Here on Archive of Our Own, just use the ratings available.


Plagiarism is not tolerated.
If I discover that you have willfully and purposefully used another's work and presented it as your own, I will ban you from this comm. Period.