Renault Exchange 2016

A fanfic exchange for Mary Renault's contemporary novels.

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Sat 14 May 2016 08:00PM BST
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RenaultX is a fanfic exchange devoted to Mary Renault's six contemporary novels (The Charioteer, Purposes of Love/Promise of Love, Kind Are Her Answers, The Friendly Young Ladies/The Middle Mist, Return to Night and North Face.) The ancients and Mary Renault RPF are not eligible this year.









7th March-13th March: Tagset review
14 March - 20 March: Signups
27th March: Assignments go out
1st May: Default deadline
14th May: Assignment and pinch-hit deadline
21st May: Exchange goes live




Signups will be via the Archive of Our Own.

There will not be a nominations period but the exchange tagset will be available for suggestions and corrections from 7th March-13th March.


Requests and offers


You must offer a minimum of two novels unless you are offering The Charioteer. In that case you can offer The Charioteer alone. You can offer a maximum of six novels.

You must request a minimum of two novels unless you are requesting The Charioteer. In that case you can request The Charioteer alone. You can request a maximum of six novels.

For each novel you must request/offer a minimum of two and a maximum of eight characters.


Matching and writing


Matching will be OR rather than AND, so you may be matched with someone who offered only one of your requested characters.

You will be matched to someone who has requested at least one novel and character that you have offered. Your story must be a minimum of 1k, finished, and fill one of your recipient's novel and character requests. (It does not have to be the request that you matched on.)

Optional details are optional but we encourage you consider your recipient's preferences - in particular their “do not want” list.


Defaults and pinch hits


The default deadline is 1st May. There is no penalty for defaulting, but if you know you're going to default, please do so by the deadline as this makes mods' and pinch hitters' jobs a lot easier.

If you are interested in pinch hitting there will be a community post where you can indicate your interest. This does not commit you to anything.


Optional extras


Dear Author letters are encouraged but optional.

Treating is also encouraged; you can post treats to the collection whether or not you are signed up to the exchange.