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Please note: "bookmarked items" contains both works included in the collection + fics where permission is still pending. I.e. bookmarked items is the most complete list to check for works.

I have begun to add a few bookmark tags that you can filter by:
- timeskip
- top kenma
- good smut
- kenma proposes
- longfic (100k+ reading)
- kidfic (Kuroo & Kenma take care of kids somehow)
- xmas (Christmas, snow)
- pure fluff (no angst whatsoever)
- sad (for crying)
- ot4 (kuroken + ot4)
- domestic (slice-of-life, domestic kuroken life)
- au
- kenma flirts
- friendship (i.e. platonic kuroken)
- kuroken starter pack (new to kuroken fandom and want a few fics to start with)

Can rec that you also check out the other fics written by the authors with works in this collection, as they are usually good.  

If you have any suggestions for works that I might have missed, pls DM me on ex Twitter.

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