Porn Battle XV (The Ides of Porn)

Porn Battle - image of two lovers

The 2014 edition of the Porn Battle.

Prompts: Tuesday 21 January – 14:00 GMT Sunday 26 January 2014
Battle: Sunday 2 February – 20:00 GMT Thursday 13 February 2014

(Open, Unmoderated)

About Porn Battle XV (The Ides of Porn) (PornBattleXV)

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A Porn Battle, basically, is a number of fans producing the hottest fan fiction/art/video/songs possible, and posting them in the comments of a Porn Battle post (initially on Livejournal, more recently on Dreamwidth). It lasts just over a week, there are always thousands of prompts to work from, and it's a whole lot of fun!

The first ever Porn Battle was in January 2006, and it's been a twice a year event (in January and June/July) ever since.


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The FAQ can be found here.



Please check the Porn Battle site for a link to the latest information and rules.