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Wasted Time

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It took a while, but they found each other again. The back of a cab and another long kiss, his arms around her and his lips bruising hers as they embraced again and again on the way to his apartment.

They would not have wanted each other this way, had they stayed festering together, had they not seen that time apart for a couple could be a healthy thing, and perhaps impassioned standing love made against a glass window was part of a healthy reunion.

It was diamond-ring, center-ring-top-of-the-line-storybook sex, his teeth latched onto her throat and his cock pounding her without mercy. Her hands were pinned to the top of her head and the entire front of her body stroking against his as he thrust, pressing Robin firmly to the glass window behind her.

Time had given them the wisdom to appreciate what they had been given, and a lesson in love they would never forget.