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2019's Out Of The Auditary, a fest for podficcing works that don't fit into the "standard" fiction format, such as meta, not!fic, epistolary and chatfic, video game codes entries, fake scientific articles, poetry, and many more!

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About Out Of The Auditary 2019 (OutOfTheAuditary2019)

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Out of the Auditary is a fest for podficcing fanworks that fall "out of the ordinary" pattern of prose fiction. What does this mean in practice? Well, it can mean a whole bunch of things, but for example Meta, Notfic, Epistolary and Chatfic, Codex Entries, List Format, fake scientific articles, magazine articles, or newspaper stories, Poetry and Slam Poetry, and, well, basically anything that doesn't fit the straight-up prose fiction format that is most common for fanfic!



1. Does <insert work here> qualify for this fest?

Use your own best judgement on whether a particular fic qualifies! If you're unsure and you'd like a second opinion, you can contact me on at thriceafan @twitter, thriceandonce @tumblr, sylvaine @dreamwidth, Discord: thriceandonce#5653, or via the collection email.

2. Is there a length requirement for my podfic?

Nope! As long as it's a non-prose-fiction type of work, it qualifies.

3. Do I need a beta for my podfic?

Nope! As long as you've done basic editing (or chosen not to edit for stylistic reasons, in fact!), you're good to go.

4. Do I need cover art for my podfic?

Nope! Cover art is lovely and if you want to make a podfic with cover art you're very much invited to, but it's not a requirement for this fest.

5. Can I podfic original fiction for this fest?

Yes, that is perfectly okay! So long as you've got the permission of the author, it totally counts.

6. Can I podfic RPF for this fest?

Yes, absolutely!

7. Can I podfic <insert trope/concept/content warning here> fic for this fest?

Yep! The only requirements for this fest are for the format to be "non-traditional". No content requirements!

8. Can I use this to give me the push to edit something that's been recorded for [mumble] years?

Absolutely! As long as you haven't posted the finished podfic anywhere before, it's eligible for this fest.

9. Can I submit multiple works to the fest?

Yep, for sure! There are no limits on how many things you can podfic for this.

10. How can I submit a bookmark to the collection?

Like this!



1. The work you choose to podfic must be of a format that is not standard prose fiction. It may have elements of standard prose fiction, but those should not outweigh the less usual elements. If you are unsure whether a particular work or work type qualifies, do not hesitate to contact me at thriceafan @twitter, thriceandonce @tumblr, sylvaine @dreamwidth, Discord: sylvaine (thriceandonce)#5653, or via the collection email.

2. You must have permission to podfic the work you choose. This can be specific permission or via a blanket statement.

3. Submissions should be things not previously posted elsewhere on the 'net. If you have an already published podfic that otherwise qualifies for this fest, you are welcome to submit it as a collection bookmark. In fact, I encourage it!

4. Post your finished podfic to this collection before the submission deadline (find it in the quick description right at the top of the profile)!