Other Outlander Tales

Other Outlander Tales

Here at Other Outlander Tales (OOT), we seek to explore, challenge, and push the boundaries of Outlander fanfiction. Throughout the book series we are introduced to many great characters with vibrant and compelling storylines, yet most of the fanfiction in the Outlander community has thus far left their stories unexplored. We think it’s time to change that!

This means we are here to write about characters and relationships that often aren’t included in Outlander fanfiction, including canon pairs other than Jamie x Claire, non-canon pairs, missing moments, and whatever you, our readers, prompt us with.

We are writers who enjoy the other characters that DG has created and want to tell stories that focus on them. Please be respectful of the time and effort that goes into creating these pieces of fanfiction. If you do not enjoy what we write, simply do not read or follow.

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