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Welcome to! This is a collection for stories and art that appeared on the website, active from roughly 1999-2006.

Offpanel is open to works that were hosted on the original site.

The import of this archive to the AO3 was approved by the OTW Open Doors Committee in April 2016. Many thanks to Open Doors for the use of their import tools!


Domenika Marzione
nw's chick
Dannell Lites (memorial site)
Leah Adezio (memorial site)
assorted other contributors

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Back in the day, a number of dedicated female comic fans banded together and decided to share a virtual space for their fanworks. These are their stories.

This collection contains works originally located at, which were imported to the Archive of Our Own through the Open Doors Project.



Most of the authors on are directly importing their works. If a work has been imported for you, please read the following!

If you still have access to the email you used to post your works to, you should have received an email with the option to claim your works at the time they were imported. If you do not have access to that email account, or did not receive the notification, please contact the moderator at the contact email address listed above.

All unclaimed works are imported as restricted to logged-in AO3 users only, and will be made publicly viewable after a 30-day transition period. If you claimed your works before that period ended, you will need to change the restriction setting.

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