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The Narnia Fic Exchange is an annual anonymous fic exchange, similar to Secret Santas and other fanwork gift exchanges.

Participants submit a request, with prompt ideas such as characters, situations, and themes. The requests are matched with another participant, who then writes the requested fic. All participants receive a fic based on their request/prompt. The authors are anonymous until all the stories have been posted.

Please watch the community on Dreamwidth for updates and information. You can contact the mod at

NFE 2017 Schedule:

Tag nominations open: July 5th
Signups open: July 12th
Signups close: July 21st
Assignments sent out: by July 24th
Fics due: anytime before September 9th
Prompts Revealed/Madness: August 24 - September 16th
Main collection opens: September 17th
Authors revealed: September 24th

Exact times for deadlines will be posted to the NFE Dreamwidth community.



Q: How do I sign up for the Narnia Fic Exchange? 

A: Here is a handy tutorial on how to sign up for a gift exchange hosted on AO3.


Q: What can I request?


A: You can request a fic about any canon character. You can request bookverse, movieverse or AU stories. This is a exchange for the characters in Narnia, not their actors, so no RPF prompts, please. You are allowed to ask for crossovers as well, but be considerate and offer an alternative, in case your writer doesn't know the other fandom. You may ask for a story written in someone else's ficverse (aka, fanfic of fanfic), but as with crossovers, you should be considerate and offer an alternative, in case your writer is not familiar with that ficverse.


Q: What kind of details should I give in my request?


A: You can be as detailed or vague as you want when filling out your request. Your assigned writer will do their best in fulfilling your wishes, but remember, no writer thinks the same, so your prompt may not be fulfilled exactly as you may have originally envisioned. Also, some people like to post a "Dear NFE writer" letter in their journal/blog/tumblr with additional details about their requests and their likes/dislikes. You can do this, but it's not required.


Q: How long does my fic need to be?


A: The fic you write must be at least 1000 words in length. You are more than welcome to write longer fics. The only requirement is that the story is complete by the time you send in your fic.


Q: Can I talk about the story I am writing?


A: Please do not discuss your assignment publicly. This is an anonymous fic exchange, and having the writer stay anonymous is part of the fun! This means on your journal, on Tumblr, on Twitter, anywhere. Please do not discuss where your recipient might see the discussion. You are, of course, free to discuss the story with your beta reader(s).


Q: Oh, right, betas. Do I have to have a beta?


A: Stories must be beta read before being turned in. Remember, this fic is a gift for someone, and you want it to be the best it can be. Do not skip this step. There is a post on the NFE community where you can find a beta, if you need one.


Q: How do I submit my story?


A: When your fic is finished, you need to upload it. Here is a handy tutorial on how to upload a story for a challenge.

Also, do not upload unfinished fics. You can polish them up (correcting typos, grammar issues, etc.) in the week between deadline and reveals, but if we find a fic of less than 1000 words has been submitted, or that an unfinished fic has been submitted, you will be defaulted and we will find a pinch-hitter for your story.


Q: Can I reveal I wrote it after I submit it?


A: No. The stories will be posted anonymously, with only the person it was written for being revealed. This means that the identity of the author won't be revealed until the end of the exchange. Please don't post or acknowledge your story anywhere else before the exchange is over.


Q: How do I drop out?


A: You can drop out by clicking the default button on your signup, or by emailing I understand about life's surprises and emergencies. I also understand that sometimes you're just not able to write the story, for whatever reason. And that's okay! There is no reason to feel bad about any of it. The only thing you need to do is click the default button/email me so I can find a pinch-hitter. If the deadline comes and you haven't posted a story, I'll find a pinch-hitter to cover your assignment.


Q: What if I need an extension?


A: Sorry, no extensions. The only people who will be getting extra writing time are the pinch-hitters.


Q: Anything else?


A: I strongly, STRONGLY suggest that you comment on the fic written for you and say (at the very least) "thank you."



Please read this thoroughly before signing up for the exchange:

1) You must submit a story of 1000 words by the deadline. If the deadline passes and I do not have your fic, it will be assigned to a pinch-hitter.

2) You must use a beta. If you do not have a beta, check our beta post.

3) If you need to drop out, simply click the default button on your signup. You do not have to contact me directly - if you default, it will let us know, and we can begin the process of finding a pinch-hitter. You can also email, if you need to drop out. If the deadline passes and you have not defaulted or emailed, and we still do not have a fic from you, your assignment will go to the pinch-hitters list, and you may be banned from participating in future exchanges.

4) You must format your fic for posting, including all html tags, if necessary. You will be uploading the fic yourself, so make use of the preview function, because, unlike in previous years, the mod will not be checking the formatting before posting.

Summary: You must submit a beta-read story of 1000 words by the deadline. If you need to drop out, you must do so by using the default button, or contacting me via email, or else you may be banned from future exchanges. You must format your fic correctly for posting.