My Old Fandom 2016

This is the collection for the 2016 round of My Old Fandom!

(Open, Unmoderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

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My Old Fandom is an exchange for old fandoms. The 2016 round will cover thing that ended in 2005 and before.

Find us on DW here.
Find us on LJ here.



What is My Old Fandom?











My Old Fandom is a fanwork (fic or art) gift exchange focused on fandoms where canon has been closed for more than ten years. For the purposes of the 2016 round, that means there must have been no more new canon material produced after December 31, 2005. Fanworks include fanfiction of 1,000 words or more or a completed piece of fanart. You will sign up with fandom, characters/relationships, and media and be matched to someone requesting the same. Your request will be sent to a creator who offered something you requested.


When does it run?


This year, we will use the following dates:
Nominations from March 9 (12 AM EST) to March 15 (11:59 PM EDT)
Sign-Ups from March 18 to March 25 (Assignments out by April 1.)
Assignments due June 10
Works revealed June 17
Creators revealed June 22


What can be nominated for My Old Fandom?


Anything that was completed more than ten years ago. I'll be approving nominations throughout the nomination period and using various Internet sources to determine if the fandom you nominate is eligible. I will be asking questions or asking for evidence on Dreamwidth/Livejournal (same post on both) so please keep that page bookmarked.


How do you count large franchises?


Generally, all bits of a franchise will be grouped together if they all (a) take place within the same continuity and (b) have the same set of characters. Different casts or storylines will be treated separately. For example, all the Star Trek series will be separated; Star Wars Prequel Trilogy and Original Trilogy will be separated. If this differs from how a fandom treats a franchise, let me know. The most important thing for me is that everybody nominating/requesting/offering the same thing is using the same tags.

Reboots and new continuities (such as a significantly different adaptation) will generally be counted separately. Sequels that aren't reboots that came out between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2015 will render a property ineligible. (For example, The X-Files will be eligible this year, but not next year.) Tie-in novels (ala the Star Wars EU or Star Trek), spinoffs, and reboots do not reset the clock. (For example, The Man From UNCLE TV series is eligible.) "All Media Types" and "& Related Fandoms" tags will not be eligible as nominations (when posting your gift you can use these tags if you wish, of course).


How many nominations will we get?


You will be allowed to nominate 8 fandoms, with 12 characters/relationships in those fandoms. Relationships can be either & or / and have up to four people in them. Because AO3 doesn't allow you to choose only one character or relationship, they all have to be in the same field, so we will be treating them all as "characters." This means that relationships will have to have "group" on the front, and thus should be formatted "group: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes." I did this because I wanted people who only wanted characters or only wanted relationships to be able to participate and AO3 doesn't have a function for this.

How any requests will get?


You may request 3-6 fandoms, with 1-6 or any characters/relationships. "Any" means any in the tag set, not any in the fandom. You could be matched to someone who offered any of those characters or relationships, so you should be prepared to receive a work about any of them.


How many offers can we make?


You can off 4-10 fandoms, with 2-10 or any characters/relationships. "Any" means any in the tag set, not any in the fandom. You could be matched to someone who requested any of those characters or relationships, so you should be prepared to create a work about any of them.


How does matching work?


Because requests and offers will be a mix of individual characters and relationships, matching will be "Or." Please make sure that, if you request an individual character, you don't really want a relationship as you won't be able to ensure that you get a specific pair interacting. (You can ask for anything in your optional details, but optional details are optional.)



What are optional details?


Optional details are where you can explain why you like a fandom, characters, or relationship, and give prompts for your creator. Optional details are optional. You don't have to write them and your assigned creator doesn't have to follow them. I would prefer that "do not wants" are honored by the creator, however. If you would prefer to put your optional details in a letter on an outside platform, there's a place to link that in the signup.



Are treats allowed?


Yes, definitely! Requests will be visible while signups are running and throughout the challenge, so you can write a treat for anyone.