Monstrous May Challenge 2021

This May, from the 1st to the 31st, it's time for the #MonstrousMayChallenge 2021!

There's a monster-themed prompt for every day of the month, and you're invited to make art, write fiction, make joke posts, graphics, manips, podfic, essays, meta, and anything else you can think of!

The Monstrous May Challenge was created with original creations in mind, but fan creators are more than welcome to participate, and we'd absolutely love to see your contribution! Just make sure when posting to add your works posted here on Ao3 to this collection, and to employ the #MonstorusMayChallenge hashtag on Twitter or Instagram, and the MonstrousMayChallenge tags on Tumblr if you're sharing there!

Find out more about the challenge, including extended write-ups and alternates for each prompts, by clicking here!

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About Monstrous May Challenge 2021 (MonstrousMayChallenge2021)

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The prompts for the Monstrous May Challenge 2021 are as follows:

May 1. What is a Monster?
May 2. How to Talk to Your Monster
May 3. The Vampire
May 4. Iconic Settings
May 5. Feeding Time
May 6. The Lycanthrope
May 7. Adverse Weather Conditions
May 8. The Monster in Love
May 9. The Undead
May 10. "... and add a monster."
May 11. A Baby Monster
May 12. The Alien
May 13. The Domesticated Monster
May 14. Clothing Your Monster
May 15. The Mermaid
May 16. The Gentle Kaiju
May 17. Monstrous Transformations
May 18. Angels & Demons
May 19. Monstrous Flora
May 20. The Monster in History
May 21. The Hybrid
May 22. Kept Captive
May 23. The Human is the Monster
May 24. The Dragon
May 25. The Monster Dies
May 26. The Hive-Mind
May 27. The Fae
May 28. The Monster Extinct
May 29. Cultural Differences
May 30. The Minotaur
May 31. Happily Ever After