MISTI-Con 2019 Fanfiction Collection

A collection of works submitted through the MISTI-Con 2019 Call for Fanfiction.

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About MISTI-Con 2019 Fanfiction Collection (MISTI_CON2019)

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This is a collection of works submitted through the MISTI-Con 2019 Call for Fanfiction. As of October 2018, we are accepting submissions. MISTI-Con is a fan-run, fully immersive Harry Potter conference that will take place July 18-21, 2019 in Tarrytown, New York. Visit misti-con.org for more information on the conference.



Please see "Rules". If you still have questions after reading the Rules, please email the MISTI-Con Fanfiction Coordinator at wrockermom@gmail.com



How to Submit:

1. Apply for an AO3 account if you do not already have one. Please note that AO3 membership is by invitation only. If you do not have an AO3 account, you can apply for an invitation using this link: http://archiveofourown.org/invite_requests. It may take 1 to 5 days to get an invitation, depending on request volume, but don’t get discouraged - it’s quite easy.


2. Once you have established an AO3 account, or if you have one already, join the collection. If you joined the collection in 2017, you still need to join the 2019 collection, as they are completely separate. Joining the collection enables the participant to eventually submit stories. Submission of a story does not have to take place at the time of joining the collection. There is also no obligation to submit a story just because you join the collection – readers are welcome to follow as well.


3. Once a moderator has approved you, you are eligible to submit a story.

a. If the story has not been published yet on AO3, begin by clicking “post to collection” and fill in all the fields.

b. If the story had already been published prior, go into your story’s “Edit Work” page, then under “Associations” type “MISTI_CON2019” next to “Post to Collections/Challenges”.

c. A moderator must approve your story before it is posted to the collection.

d. Prior to the collection going live, your accepted stories will be listed as “Mystery Work” and can not be accessed by visitors to the collection page, but will remain visible and accessible to you on your AO3 account.


4. Instructions for tagging AO3 works:

a. AO3 allows authors to specify content Ratings, Archive Warnings, and Tags. AO3 rating system denotes if works are appropriate for General Audiences, Teen and Up audiences, or Mature audiences, or if the work is Explicit. Works of all ratings may be submitted to the collection but must be clearly rated. Any stories with a rating of “Not Rated” will not be accepted.

b. AO3 Archive Warnings include Graphic Depictions of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-con, and Underage. Works that are flagged with archive warnings may be submitted to the collection but said archive warnings must be clearly stated. Any stories with an archive warning of “Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings” will not be accepted.

c. When listing additional tags, please include “MISTI-Con”, any specific warnings not covered by the general list of archive warnings, and any material that may be triggering. If you are posting for one of the Writing Challenges please include the appropriate tag (ex: #TimeWarp).

5. For EACH fic that you submit, PLEASE FILL OUT THIS ENTRY FORM so that we can match your AO3 persona to your MISTI-self. This will also help us track participation. You can access the form here: https://goo.gl/forms/OCnbYtKuRCJy4vtk1


TOO COMPLICATED? No worries! Email the Fanfic Coordinator wrockermom@gmail.com and they'll walk you through it. Or, if you don't mind your work being anonymous forever, the Fanfic Coordinator can post the story for you, but it will not be associated with your AO3 account (if you have one).

Don’t have anything ready to share? The Fanfic Coordinator will be periodically posting Writing Challenges to get your creative juices flowing and to encourage a rich diversity of stories.

During the convention, we’ll have Fanfic Meet-Ups (times and locations TBD) where all of our authors and readers can meet to chat informally about their works. During this time, we will have a few short readings of works pre-selected by the Fanfic Coordinator. All ages will be welcome to participate in the General Fanfic Meet-up (programming at MISTI-Con is usually PG-13). There will also be an Adults-Only Fanfic Meet-up where participants age 18+ can indulge in mature works!

Please note: We are happy to accept Mature/Explicit works for the AO3 collection. For MISTI-Con participants under 18-years-old, it is up to parents' discretion to enable filters and to monitor their child's activity on AO3, including the MISTI-Con collections on AO3. All Mature/Explicit works must be labeled as such.