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Since there is never enough kink fic/vids/art/podfic/filk/songs/manips/icons/recs/crafts/fanstuff in the world, and since games are a good way to challenge people to move outside of their usual comfort zones, we have designed Kink Bingo. Sign up to participate, and we'll give you a bingo card with 24 kinks on it. You then pick which kinks you want to do in order to make a bingo (a single straight line, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally; blackouts, X's, and +'s also count as bingos) and to get achievements if you want them. To fill a square, you can write fic, draw art, make a manip, make a recs set, make a vid, write a fannish essay, or basically anything else you can think of. Once you've completed a bingo, you post a link to your stories/art/vidlets/etc in the community, tell everyone what achievements you qualify for, and get commemorative banners and icons. You can play as long as you like, in as many fandoms as you like, with as many pairings as you like – if you keep making fanworks, we'll keep giving you achievements. Once you've completed a bingo on your card, you can either keep going on that card or request a new card from the mods. You cannot request a new card until you've completed at least one bingo on the card you're given.



Kink Bingo is the first bingo challenge - our first round started in May 2008 on livejournal (kink_bingo), where we ran for a year before moving to the current dreamwidth location. Several other unrelated bingos spun off using the challenge format over the years; some of them use rules and points systems based on previous versions of the Kink Bingo rules, and some use other systems that they invented for their own challenges. There's an incomplete list of other challenges that use the bingo format at Fanlore's Bingo page; please add any others that you know about!

Kink Bingo is not affiliated with any other bingo challenges, including challenges called "kink bingo" or "[fandom name] kink bingo." If it's not on [community profile] kink_bingo, [community profile] kink_wiki, kink_bingo, or the unofficial-but-affiliated [community profile] kb_cafe, it's not us.



For more information on how to play, check out how to play, the rules post (forthcoming for round six), the accessibility policy (forthcoming for round six), the achievements post (forthcoming for round six), which lists all the kinds of achievements you can get, and the posting template (forthcoming for round six).

We also have a [community profile] kink_wiki, which comes with helpful descriptions and pictures, and an unofficial and informal chat and discussion comm, [community profile] kb_cafe, that welcomes questions, beta requests, discussion, and so on.

You don't need to have a dreamwidth account to play; you can sign up using openID from another site - for more information, check out what to do if you don't have a dreamwidth account. If you'd like to follow the community on livejournal, we've created a syndicated feed.