Prompts for Kingsman: Summer Knights Exchange

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    Relationships you want to receive (can include both gen (&) and ships (/)): list two or more options:

    harry/merlin, harry/merlin/eggsy, harry/merlin/james!lancelot, harry/merlin/percival, harry/james!lancelot

    Do you want to receive fic, art, or both?

    fic please!

    Themes, genres, tropes you enjoy receiving:

    first time/new relationship, pining, poly and open relationships, competent people being competent and badass, plotty fic, casefic, mysteries, canon divergence, full AUs from coffee shop AUs to really outlandish ones, lots of UST, best friends turned lovers, slow build, hurt/comfort, kidfic, characters adopt a rescue dog, characters worrying about each other, characters supporting each other, dramatic revelations, people respecting each other, loyalty, families of choice, worldbuilding, banter

    Themes, genres, tropes you want to avoid receiving:

    character death, break-up stories, underage, dubcon or noncon within the ship, infidelity, smut/PWP generally doesn’t do anything for me, a/b/o played straight, mpreg, really unrealistic misunderstandings, overbearing possessive behavior, amnesia, love at first sight, extreme gore, public embarrassment, horror, time travel

    specific to kingsman in general:

    i’d prefer nothing post-canon where the focus is the other characters grieving harry or james’ death and the character is actually dead; pre-canon stuff that ~ominously foreshadows~ their future canonical fates can be fun

    if you’re going with “when these characters met each other as newbie agents”, i really really don’t subscribe to the ‘harry was super obnoxious with no people skills as a kid’ that i see a lot


    Prompts or Scenarios:

    honestly i’d be 10000000% excited for any of these pairings! i’m going to toss a prompt out for each one but i’m sure i’ll love anything you do!


    ominously foreshadowing fic where merlin and harry get together after the coma but before kentucky


    eggsy and merlin get together while harry is in a coma/recovering, and harry angsts and then they get together


    james and harry partner together on a lot of mission and end up getting together, and merlin pines for both of them in the background


    they’re the only kingsman left after the events of the movie


    a mission goes really wrong and they’re stuck fending for themselves out of contact with HQ for an extended period of time

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    Relationships you want to receive: Harry/Merlin; or Harry/Arthur; or Merlin/Arthur; or Merlin/Eggsy; or anything Roxy-centric (can be femslash with a character of your choice, or gen, or bromance with Eggsy, pretty much anything at all, but please no Merlin/Roxy).

    Do you want to receive fic, art, or both? Fic.

    Themes, genres, tropes you enjoy receiving:
    Dear author, thanks for writing for me! I'm excited about the fic, and ecstatic that someone shares my character preferences. *high five*

    Here's a partial list of things that are known to have made me happy. The list is far from conclusive, so if none of these match your kinks (narrative or otherwise), don't worry, I'm happy to be surprised with your interpretation! \o/

    All of these tropes/kinks are applicable to all the listed pairings/characters:

    * monsters and people who, for all sorts of reasons, love them (basically, Kingsman is a creepy organization with a controversial stance on extrajudicial executions, so there's no shortage of metaphorical monsters there, and if you'd rather opt for a supernatural AU and make one of them a literal creepy-crawly, I'm very much down with that too);

    * competence kink! unusual skills! ridiculous gadgets and people who love them! (extra points for people being competent at their job, yet absolutely incompetent at processing emotions);

    * disastrous misunderstandings, romantic and otherwise;

    * style for style's sake: footnotes, metaphors, similes, experiments with formatting, etc., all the flourishes, all of them. If you are into that sort of stuff, feel free to pile it on.

    Things that make me happy in my pants: topping from the bottom; size kink; dub con of the sex pollen/heat cycles/aliens made them do it variety.

    AU settings/tropes that I love: genderswap; WW I AUs; war correspondent AUs; sex worker AUs (only for male characters).

    Themes, genres, tropes you want to avoid receiving: D/s, non-con, Harry/Eggsy, Harry/Eggsy/Merlin and Merlin/Roxy are not my cup of tea.

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    I'd like to receive fic, please.

    Relationships & prompts:

    (Note: For all 'ships including Harry, assume you can hand-wave a fix-it for his death in whatever ridiculous way you would like, including basically not mentioning it at all...)

    - Harry/Merlin: Any exploration of the difference in Harry and Merlin's Kingsman roles and how it affects their relationship would be super interesting. Was Merlin more of a field agent in the past, as could be your interpretation of the flashback at the beginning of the film? How did their relationship change when he left the field? If Harry lives, does he go back to the field? Etc.

    - Harry/Merlin/Eggsy: All the angst and relationship negotiation, basically. Explicit sex is great but totally optional. What I'd really love to see is some of the challenges (internal or external, like Harry or Eggsy suffering a major injury in the field) this threesome faces on their way to a stable, equal relationship.

    - Merlin/Eggsy: A post-movie slow-burn into a relationship would be awesome, especially if there's a period of can't-stand-each-other "hatred" masking their underlying attraction. (I sorta prefer Harry to stay dead if it's post-movie and he's not in the mix.)

    - Roxy/Gazelle: Post-movie fix-it! Roxy arrives with the antidote to the poison (or similar hand-wavey solution to Gazelle's death), and the two of them become tentative, highly-suspicious-of-each-other friends. A slow burn to a relationship would be *amazing*. Equally fun: hatesex.

    - Harry/Roxy/(Eggsy?): Roxy pegging the hell out of Harry: hnnng. Roxy & Eggsy teaming up to peg Harry (and/or fuck him, in Eggsy's case): also very, very hot. In either a Roxy/Harry situation or a threesome, Roxy should get well taken care of too, please.

    P.S. I didn't have a lot of time to put this together, so please don't feel obligated to use one of these prompts, but rather take them as examples of the kinds of things I like. And have fun! :D

    Themes, genres, tropes I enjoy receiving:
    - angst (for this canon even though it's light-hearted, I really enjoy fic that explores the darker implications)
    - semi-realistic portrayal of sex and sexuality issues (e.g., internalized homophobia, awkward conversations about sex)
    - pretend relationship -> real relationship
    - whump with some hurt/comfort (in this canon especially: serious injury suffered in the field, including psychological injury)
    - awkward situationally forced proximity (trapped in a tight space, sharing a bed, etc.) as a plot device to bring out unacknowledged or actively denied attraction between two characters
    - magical realism (I include wingfic here, or rather when wingfic is done in this manner I really like it)
    - showering together or bathing each other, whether for hurt/comfort reasons or sexy reasons (or awkward situationally forced proximity reasons, come to think of it)

    Kinks I particularly enjoy if you'd like to include explicit sexytimes, although explicit sexytimes are completely optional:
    - rimming
    - non-penetrative sex, or unusually penetrative sex (e.g., fingers in mouths, anal object insertion, etc.)
    - light dominance and/or improvised restraint (esp. A restraining B with B's own clothing) without going into BDSM or bondage
    - deep-throating, especially coaxing/teaching someone how to do it
    - oral fixation
    - first experiences of particular sexual acts, giving or receiving, particularly if there is teaching or gentle persuasion (but please not coercion) involved

    Themes, genres, tropes I want to avoid receiving:
    - Omegaverse
    - BDSM, especially 24/7 or D/s AUs
    - spanking/caning, Daddy kink, watersports, breathplay, choking, bondage, vore, bloodplay, scarring, humiliation (and I have a pretty robust secondhand embarrassment problem, so...embarrassment of all kinds, erotic/sexual or not, is not exactly my cup of tea)

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    Relationships: Harry/Merlin, Eggsy/Merlin, Eggsy & Roxy, Eggsy/Harry/Merlin, Harry/Roxy, Eggsy/Harry/Merlin/Roxy, Harry/Merlin/Roxy

    Type: fic please

    Do like: platonic m/f friendships, casual sex between friends that doesn't turn romantic, friends to lovers in general, older dudes in love, threesomes and moresomes, found family fics, holiday fics, snow/winter stuff, beach stuff/the ocean/swimming, spy casework, banter, bedsharing (platonic or otherwise), shared showers/baths (platonic or otherwise). NSFW likes are a lot but include frottage, intercrural, Oral (especially cunnilingus), casual BDSM (light bondage/caning/spanking), pegging, dirty talk, masturbation, clothed or semiclothed sex, coming in pants, drunk sex, sex pollen, sub!Harry, voyeurism. Analingus is fine but I'd prefer for it not to be described in super deep detail (I DO love men reacting to being eaten out).

    Please no: omegaverse, pregnancy of any kind, fic involving kids (either in a cute family kidfic way or in a shota/pedophilia way), rape/noncon, bodily fluids/watersports, parent-child incest, body horror, anything touching on the humiliation of women (even just for kink--I'd prefer to avoid even kinky "who's a dirty girl," "who's my good slut," etc when it applies to Roxy). I also ask for no Eggsy/Harry, please, without the context of it being part of a threesome or moresome.

    --Harry/Merlin: How about them trying to avoid spy work for a day and going to the beach or a pool or something? How does it go? Do they encounter trouble anyway while there? Do they end up fucking luxuriously on the beach to end the day? Alternately, if you want some kinky porn, I'd love some spanking and/or caning fic with them (bonus points for sub!Harry or for switching).
    --Eggsy/Merlin: Eggsy is a cheeky little shit and drives Merlin to distraction during training. Merlin's (mostly) too good to take advantage of it, but post V-Day, it's on--in the plane, in a shower, in a real bed, whatever you like. Bonus points for switching the script and showing Eggsy learning how to dom Merlin, who sometimes just really wants to have the responsibility of control taken from him.
    --Eggsy & Roxy: Any sort of missionfic showing them working together would be great. If you want to bring in sex, but not between them in general, that's cool too--maybe it's a honeypot and they have to work together to seduce a mark. Maybe they get into competitions over who can rack up the most honeypot missions. Etc.
    --Eggsy/Harry/Merlin: Eggsy is the youngest, worming his way into a long established relationship, so he decides to bring in some tips and tricks to ease his passage. What are these tricks? Is he great at a massage, a miracle at blowjobs, ace at eating ass, a great cook? Some combination of the above? How do Harry and Merlin react/change in response to this?
    --Harry/Roxy: They don't actually know each other that well, but after the movie, when Harry is miraculously not dead, they find themselves practicing sex on one another in a homey, trusting, no-strings-attached way. Maybe Harry needs practice with cunnilingus, or Roxy needs practice domming a man? Bonus points for Harry being mostly attracted to men and Roxy mostly to women but them enjoying each other anyway (and finding the other good practice!)
    --Harry/Merlin/Roxy: Like Harry/Roxy, but with more Merlin! Maybe Roxy needs threesome practice/training in anticipation for an upcoming honeypot? Maybe Harry and Merlin are established together but want to bring a woman in for a night? Maybe Roxy doms them both and gets them to take turns eating her out? The sky is the limit.
    --Eggsy/Harry/Merlin/Roxy: Go full throttle--give me these four in bed together. All permutations allowed. I'd love the guys taking turns taking care of Roxy or Roxy watching the other three together and getting off on it.

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    Harry/Merlin primarily, or also rare ships (e.g. Harry/Lancelot (James), Merlin/Arthur, Harry/Arthur) or gen. Pre-canon/alternate canons/alternate universe for new twists to the canon 'verse. Merlin!whump a guilty pleasure. No particular triggers. Fic preferred but art definitely welcomed!

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    Relationships you want to receive (can include both gen (&) and ships (/)): Eggsy/Harry, Merlin/Roxy, any combination thereof

    Do you want to receive fic, art, or both? Either, both!

    Themes, genres, tropes you enjoy receiving: anything within the spy genre is awesome (undercover, safe houses, fake relationship for reasons, etc); fluff, pwp, BDSM!AU, AOB, soulmates, epistolary... i'm easy.

    Themes, genres, tropes you want to avoid receiving: major character death, self harm, on screen torture

    Prompts or Scenarios:
    if you picked any of the above themes/tropes, how would that change how Harry and Eggsy met?

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    Relationships: Hartwin, Harlin, Merlin/Eggsy/Harry, Merlin/Eggsy, Dark!Merlin/Dark!Harry.

    Art/Fic/Both: Both, doesn't matter.

    Themes/genres/tropes I enjoy: Hurt/Comfort, Angst, NSFW, Dark!Characters

    Themes/genres/tropes I don't enjoy: None

    Anything with people in peril that involves a rescue. (Bondage is always fun for NSFW). PWP is fine, honestly anything is fine. Dark!Harry is amazing.

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    Relationships you want to receive: Roxy/Eggsy, either romantic or platonic. And Harry and Eggsy, please gen only.
    Do you want to receive fic, art, or both? Either works.
    Themes, genres, tropes you enjoy receiving: Angst, hurt/comfort, friends to lovers, casefic, character studies.
    Themes, genres, tropes you want to avoid receiving: No fluff, nothing involving marriage or babies, no crossovers, no cis-/genderswap, no non-/dub-con involving female characters.
    Prompts or Scenarios: Post movie shenanigans with Roxy and Eggsy would be cool, missions, Kingsman spy business in general, or missing moments during the ~application process. Or some mentoring between Harry and Eggsy, also missing moments, or, idk, maybe he's been keeping tabs on the kid all these years and kept an eye out? But really, if all else fails I'd be super happy with a quiet, completely gen character study about either of them.

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    I would prefer fic, but a beautiful picture is lovely, too.

    I don't like extreme violence and angst and Hurt/Comfort are not tropes I read a lot. AUs are fine, but, again, not my usual cup of tea. I love stories with good communication. Any rating is fine for sex, but please keep the violence to Mature or lower. Merlin is my abiding love, but, truly all these characters are wonderful.

    !) Eggsy/Merlin
    !) Eggsy & Roxy (friends)
    !) Eggsy/Merlin/Roxy (love a hot threesome)
    !) Eggsy/Merlin/Harry
    !) Eggsy/Tilde
    !) Merlin/Tilde
    !) Merlin/Harry or Merlin & Harry

    A case fic centered around a particular international spy incident
    A day in the life of headquarters centered around a particular character
    A day in the life of the tailor's shop centered around a particular character
    Some of the training challenges we didn't see in the movie.
    Who does run that seduction class? Are there practical exams?
    Tilde and Eggsy get together in London and get door stepped by the press
    Ryan and Jamal trying to figure out what the hell their friend Eggsy's really doing (they don't believe what he tells them down the pub)
    Anything that gets Dean out of the way.

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    Fic or art


    BROTP Roxy-Eggsy

    I like whump and pre-and post-film get together stories. Am totally down with non-happy ending angst. James and Harry were together now James is dead and not magically alive, Merlin and Harry were together now Harry is dead and not coming back, or double whammy when all three were together now Merlin is the only one left. Cue epic sadness.

    I also love AUs. Coffee shop AU. Pacific Rim AU. Book store AU. Actual tailor AU. Tattoo shop AU. Magic is real AU.

    Love gen stories about Roxy and Eggsy bonding and just being an awesome Kingsman duo on missions.

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    I'm fine with receiving art or fic--I'm very flexible! I just want something about the previous generation of Kingsmen, either day to day functions or someone's hiring process. If that's not something you can do, literally anything would be okay! The only thing I do not want is sick!fic/stories about terminal illness.

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    Relationships :
    Merlin/Eggsy, Merlin&Eggsy, Merlin&Eggsy&Roxy, Merlin/Percival, Merlin&Percival&Lancelot, Merlin/Eggsy/Harry, Percival/Lancelot -

    Do you want fic, art, or either? Fic

    Hurt/comfort! Both physical and emotional. Friendship, friends-to-lovers, non-sexual intimacy. Sexual intimacy, if applicable. Touch. I love trust (whether existing or developing), and loyalty (same), tight emotional bonds. Competence. Angst that ends happy. Fluffy snark that ends happy. Moments of intense emotional payoff. Powerplay if the one in charge can be relied on to protect/care for/support those under him.(Merlin/Eggsy) I also love it when it's the character in charge receiving support.

    depressing endings, sexualized discipline or humiliation. Please no calling anything/anybody trash.

    Prompts or Scenarios:
    -badass spies being domestic with each other
    - attractive men fainting/throwing up/hurting prettily (I admit a weakness for Merlin here, but all the men I've listed intrigue me) and being cared for
    -casefic, relying on each other, rescuing each other, defending each other, healing each other
    -slow-burn relationships where closeness/deep friendship/trust/platonic physicality comes way before sex does
    - magical realism AUs (with the caveat that I need the power differentials of the movie to stay in place- ie Harry and Merlin higher than Roxy and Eggsy)
    -mysterious events, phenomena, adventures

    I love that Merlin and Eggsy are both inclined to look after people, though they do it in different ways. I love Merlin and Eggsy and Roxy's bond at the end of the movie, and would love to see more. I love that Percival picked the only female candidate(who wasn't a plant), and James looked like he was having so much fun, and I'd love to know more about them both. Merlin feels, Kingsman found-family, gen or multi-shipping- whatever feels good!

    Feel free to canon-AU as required, if Harry or James are alive. And I'm good with Merlin being Merlin, but if you want to give him a first name, I'd prefer something common-ish rather than unusual.