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A place to post fills created for the LJ community Kink Me! Merlin, a Merlin BBC kink meme. Please see sub-collections to post anonymously or not.

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About Kink Me Merlin Fills (KMM_Fills)

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Welcome to Kink Me! Merlin's AO3 page!

This is the collection for any fills (and perhaps someday prompts or challenges) submitted to the Kink Me! Merlin (KMM) Merlin BBC kink meme on Livejournal (LJ). Both anonymous works and works with a known creators are allowed; please simply link them to the appropriate subcollection. All mediums and kinds are welcome, and tags are up to your discretion.



** I already have a KMM fill posted here. How can I make it show up in your collections?**

Posting to a collection goes the same way as posting to a challenge. The AO3 already has a very handy tutorial on this that can be found here: posting to a challenge. You can also read through the section "How do I add a work to a collection?" on the Archive's FAQ on collections and challenges (fifth question from the top). In short, when filling or editing a work, in "Associations", you'll see a line called "Post to Collections / Challenges". Copy/paste in "KMM_Fills_NonAnon" for your work to show up in our non-anonymous sub-collection, and "KMM_Fills_Anon" for it to show up in our anonymous sub-collection.

Any work submitted to the subcollection for anonymous work ("anon fills") will not display your username, and instead will list the creator as anonymous, but you will be notified of comments and kudos. We can also post a work for you under our KMM account, but you will not receive notifications. See questions bellow for more information about these options.

** I would like an AO3 account to post here. How can I get one?**

To create an account, you will need an invitation code. You can learn more about those and how to get one on the archive's FAQ: Invitations. Upon requests, the AO3 has given us 30 invitations to freely pass around for any memegoers needing one. Contact us on LJ at any point to receive one.

** I already have an AO3 account and want to post a fill anonymously. What do I do?**

Simply follow the steps of the section "How do I add a work to a collection?" on the Archive's FAQ on collections and challenges (fifth question from the top). Select the subcollection "anon fills". The status of that subcollection is "Anonymous", meaning that "the works in the collection are currently anonymous; you will be able to see your identity on any works you have submitted to an anonymous collection, otherwise all author identities are anonymous to public viewing." (FAQ extract, from 'Collections and Challenges') None of the Kink Me Merlin mods will check any information we might have on any fills posted on our collections, the same way we strive to respect everyone's anonymity on our LJ community.

To post under your AO3 username, simply follow the steps to post to a collection and post to the Kink Me Merlin Non-anonymous Fills sub-collection. :)

** I do not have an AO3 account and don't want one, but I do want to post a fill anonymously. What do I do?**

Contact us on the LJ Ask The Mods post (which allows anon comments) and tell us about this situation. Together we'll arrange a way to get a copy of your fill and will post it ourselves on this archive as an anonymous work. You will need to keep track of your stats and comments on your own as we will not be able to redirect them your way.

** Do we have to submit with the same format and required warnings as when we submit on LJ?**

No, you don't. While we would prefer if you included warnings as freeform tags or picked 'choose not to use warnings', we cannot and will not police any entries submitted to these collections. You are free to present your work as you see fit, even if it wouldn't fully comply with our LJ policies.

** Can I post something here and simply post a link as a reply to the inspiring prompt? / Do I need to have both a copy of my fill here and at the meme? **
You are free to post your KMM fill however and wherever you want. If you prefer to post it here on AO3 only and then post a link on the meme, you are welcome to do so. On the meme, the comment with the link will be asked to reflect our rules on warnings even if you choose not to use warnings here.

** I've posted a fill on the meme, and reposted it here. What should I do now?**
You don't have to do anything. However, if you want to let other memegoers know of the version here (ex: if the reposted version has been revised and you want your OP to know), you are welcome to reply to your fill's last comment on the meme and post a link directing people here. :)



Be aware that this space has different rules and functions than the KMM community. As such, we cannot promise to be able to offer any of the same services, and creations posted here are fully under the responsibility of the person posting them. Among other things, this means there is no guaranty of fills keeping with the level of warnings presently required on the Kink Me! Merlin LJ community.

If you see anything amiss with these collections themselves, the quickest way to reach us is by leaving a comment on our Ask The Mods post (which allows anon comments). Please specify that your issue has to do with this archive when you do so. If there is an abuse issue on your work or with the website itself, please contact the AO3 staff directly. Thank you!