Jump Scare 2019

This is the 2019 collection for Jump Scare.

(Open, Unmoderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

About Jump Scare 2019 (JumpScare2019)

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Sun 08 Sep 2019 10:00PM EDT
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Jump Scare is a themed flash exchange for horror, dark fic, and the spoopy intended to run the gamut from gentle spooks to screaming terrors.

Tag Set
2019 Collection
Parent Collection
Rules and FAQ
Nominations Post

2019 Schedule:
September 1-2 for just nominations (nominations will remain open through sign ups)
September 3-4 for sign ups
September 5 for matching
September 6-8 for creating

To contact the mod, please comment on the Mod Contact Post or e-mail the mod at jumpscaremodding@gmx.com

A very special thank you to Fencesit for the gorgeous banner for 2019! Thank you also to the EAD server for the help with figuring out modding this, as well as everyone who answered the original poll.



What is a flash exchange?
An exchange that takes place over a compressed time period and which often eschews normal exchange conventions. Many of them have been organized via Discord.

Can anyone sign up?

Where are the rules?
Full Rules and FAQ post available here.



Full Rules and FAQ post.

The principle by which this flash exchange is operating is an assumption of good faith and doing one's best. The only thing you are guaranteed in signing up is;

  • an assignment, if you've made yourself matchable
  • an email from the mod and a six hour grace period to respond if you are unmatchable when matching is first run

As this is running on a compressed schedule, if there is no response after the six hour grace period, your sign up will be deleted.

The goal is for everyone to create art of at least the quality of an unlined sketch or a fic of 300 words and for everyone to receive the same. Gifts are not guaranteed, though pinch hits will be sent out and, we hope, filled. Matching is by Fandom and Archive Warning. Everything else is optional.

You must offer and request at least three fandoms and at least one of the archive warning options.

Do Not Wants are allowed in the optional details box. They are the only thing allowed in the optional details box. Do Not Wants are not meant to allow someone to box their creator in, but rather to give guidance. Please preface them with "Do Not Want:" or similar to cut down on confusion. If need be, the mod may edit this in after sign ups close if participants have not responded to clarification e-mails before sign ups close. Any obvious prompts will be deleted. (These are the only sign up edits a mod will make unless specifically requested by the participant.) This exchange does not have exchange letters.

The current hope is for this to be a yearly exchange. Defaults will not result in a ban.

Participants are expected to be 18+. People may write you explicit sexual content or other mature content if you do not opt out of it via DNWs in the optional details box.

Fic is expected to run the gamut from gentle spooks to screaming scares. Dark fic, horror, and the spoopy are all allowed and encouraged. If you have a preference, you should indicate it via freeform. Nominations will run concurrent with sign ups.

Nomination rules, the way you may find it most useful to nominate, and the few things not allowed (and the many things that are) are explicated in The Nominations Post.