JB Festive Festival Exchange Stocking Stuffers 2020

Stocking Stuffers for the 2020 Jaime x Brienne Festive Festival Exchange!

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Welcome to the Jaime x Brienne Festive Festival Stocking Stuffer Extravaganaza!



1. Who is allowed to participate?



Anyone! Writers, fan-artists, interpretive dancers and anyone else in between, you are all welcome to contribute a stocking stuffer to the festive fest. This also includes those who haven't signed up for the exchange, for whatever reason! 

2. Where are the prompts 

The prompts are here (UPDATE: also in spreadsheet form here), HOWEVER, keep in mind that everyone who joined the Festive Fest gave three vibes and then a list of triggers/do not wants. Some are labelled clearly, but some are not, and I don't want anyone cheerfully writing a fic for someone only to find out that it's a big no-no for them. They're all fairly obvious if you look at the two prompts each participant left, but if in doubt, please contact slipsthrufingers and she will help you out.

3. Is this anonymous?

Nope! Once your gift is published, the recipient will know it's you. The Stocking Stuffer exchange is open now, so if you really wanted to create something today and gift it, then you're welcome to!

4. Is there a limit on how many gifts someone can give or receive?

Nope! If you want to fill a prompt for everyone, you can (though you'd be an absolute maniac). And if you notice someone has already received three gifts and you already have one prepared for them, then that's fine. I will ask, though, that you try to spread the love around if you can! I want everyone to enjoy this silly season, so please consider trying to fill a prompt for someone who is yet to receive one.

5. When will the collection close?

Sometime in the New Year. I haven't quite decided yet and it will depend on whether there are any people who haven't received a gift in the main exchange.

6. How do I post my gift?

Click on the main collection page here and click the tab at the top that says 'post to collection!'. From there you create your work as normal. Just make sure that you include the right recipient in the respective field so that they get the notification. You can gift to multiple recipients if you like!

7. Why were you born so beautiful, slips? Why were you born at all?

Because I had no say in it, no say in it at all.



1. Find a prompt here and create a little stocking stuffer for the prompter.
2. Remember that each prompter listed 3 vibes and a list of triggers/squicks. Please be mindful of this and don't write a stocking stuffer for the squicks. I will delete a work from the exchange if this happens.
3. Be nice! Share the love around!