Ink Stained Fingers

Ink Stained Fingers is an all-slash/femslash collection of Harry Potter stories and artwork imported from the original Ink Stained Fingers archive.

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About Ink Stained Fingers (InkStainedFingers)

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The Ink Stained Fingers archive was a collectively-created archive that came to life in 2000 through the efforts of the Snapeslash mailing list group on Yahoo. At the time, many archives were very restrictive on the type of stories allowed, either concentrating on one pairing only, or not allowing explicit content, or banning anything with a bit of kink. Many, many people contributed time, ideas, and/or funds for the Archive project, and it was truly amazing to see an archive of this scope come together in less than a month. In particular, credit goes to Lady MacBeth and Mouse for their graphic designs (Mouse did all the hand-drawn work and the titles, in particular). Boadicea and Diana Williams worked on the web page layouts, with input from all the Team members. Taleya did the initial work on the posting interface which used the AutoArchive software, which was then customized by Titti.

By 2014, the ISFAdmin team had dwindled to one member, Diana Williams, and posting to the archive became very infrequent as there were other archive sites, like Ao3, with newer interfaces. Diana decided not to risk the ISF's stories being lost completely, so the decision was made to import the archive's stories to Ao3 through the OpenDoors project. This Collection is a result of that decision.



This Collection is closed, as its purpose is historical. Once all the stories have been transferred here, either by the archivist or the authors, this collection will be closed to further additions. If there are any questions or problems, please contact the collection owner or the OTW staff.