Holmestice Fanworks Exchange

Parent collection for the semi-annual Holmestice gift exchange at holmestice.dreamwidth.org. Works are posted in sub-collections for each round.

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About Holmestice Fanworks Exchange (Holmestice)

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Holmestice is a semi-annual Sherlock Holmes-centric gift exchange hosted and run at holmestice.dreamwidth.org. Holmestice began in the winter of 2010 and has been run on the winter and summer solstices ever since.

Modeled on popular fandom gift exchange format like Yuletide, participants sign-up to both give and get a gift. Signups are public and done on the Dreamwidth community (although no account is required to participate) for all to see. Matches are done by hand mods and are done with an eye towards diversity of work-type and work-'verse. Posting is done daily with a few works per day between the first and fifteenth of December and June with creator reveals on the Solstice. Please see Rules for additional information.

Holmestice is welcome and open to any fanwork that can be hosted/shared via the Internet for any iteration of Sherlock Holmes. Participants are not required to have Dreamwidth or AO3 accounts to participate.



ANY version of Holmes? Even the ferret one?
YES! ANY version of Holmes and we mean it.

Any creative work that can be shared online?
Look, twice now we've had participants make FINGERPUPPETS sharable/work as a gift so yes, any creative work that can be shared online.

Any pairing? Or no pairing?
You betcha. We welcome any character request and any character partnered off with any character(s) is also welcome. We cannot guarantee you a match based on any request, but we will do our very best to facilitate it if possible. The mods do reserve the right to ask you to expand your request if we're having difficulty matching.

I'd love to participate but I've never written fanfic before?
You wouldn't be the first Holmestice participant in that position! Please feel free to reach out to the mods and we'd be happy to walk you through the process! holmesticemods@gmail.com



The exchange is modelled on various Secret Santa exchanges, i.e. each participant is assigned an intended recipient for whom they will create a gift story/doodle/manip/fanmix/set of icons/vid/other digital fanwork. The artists and authors will remain anonymous until the Master List goes up on the solstice. Please note that this is a non-denominational exchange, but the default assumption for the time of year might be Christmas; if you absolutely don't want to receive a Christmas-themed gift, please note so in the do-not-wants of your sign-up post. Likewise, art and stories don't need to have anything to do with any type of December holiday unless the recipient specifically asks for it.

All stories and podfics must be a minimum of 1,000 words in length, vids must be a minimum of one minute in length, and icon posts should contain at least 10 icons. Any type of fanwork is required to go through some kind of beta process. Any questions, please e-mail the mods at holmesticemods@gmail.com.

Please remember that if you sign up to receive a gift, it'll only be fair if you create one as well. That said, if you have to drop out of the exchange for any reason, please e-mail contact one of the moderators as soon as possible or e-mail us at holmesticemods@gmail.com so we can find a pinch hitter to create a gift for your intended recipient.