Harumeku Tenipuri exchange 2017

Harumeku is a Prince of Tennis gift exchange held in early 2017.

(Open, Moderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

About Harumeku Tenipuri exchange 2017 (Harumeku2017)

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Fri 24 Mar 2017 12:00AM CET
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  • GlassNoRouyaDeUnazuku,
  • ZeePuri (ZeeCatfish),
  • Holycowbrowniekitty,
  • JapaneseSnowPrincess,
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Welcome to the Prince of Tennis fandom exchange event Harumeku!

Our event schedule, in a little more depth than AO3's base description of it:
10/02 - Signups open
17/02 - Signups close
24/02 - Assignments are sent out
10/03 - Midpoint checkup
12/03 - Final drop out date
24/03 - Submission due date
27/03 - Final extension date
30/03 - Pinch hits due date
31/03 - Works revealed



You can find an in-depth FAQ for this event here

If there's anything you need to know that isn't covered in the FAQ, or if you need to contact us for other reasons, you can reach the moderators at tenipuriharumeku@gmail.com.



Work standards:
-Any work submitted must be newly created and finished for the exchange. Works submitted can’t be part of an ongoing, pre-existing AU series, or need future installments to make sense.
-Edits using existing works¹ do not count towards the minimum requirements.
-Only artwork and writing count towards minimum requirements. Other types of media are allowed in a supplementary fashion, but don’t impact the overall minimum requirements. -Mixed media still needs to meet at least one of the minimum requirements.

Minimum requirements:
Fic: A word count of at least 2000 words, with proper grammar and punctuation. Anything that gets submitted without proper formatting or riddled with spelling errors will be sent right back for editing.
Art: Artwork needs to contain at minimum 1 waist up character, properly finished, clean and colored, with a simple background².
Comic: A comic will need to have at least three panels, which need to be visually distinct from each other. Colors are optional, but monochromatic comics must have finished linework.

¹such as graphics made using canon material, remixes of older fic or redraws of older images
²A simple background doesn’t have to mean an actual environment, but it can’t be a white or single solid-color background, and it needs to match the rest of the contents of the picture.

Penalty standards:
Penalties are used to keep track of people who have broken certain rules, thus barring them from the next event held by the harumeku moderators, when and if such an event should happen.
The following actions can earn you a penalty;
-Dropping out past the final safe dropout point
-Failing to respond to the midway point checkup
-Anyone under 18 found to be requesting mature or explicit content
-Anyone under 18 filling a request with a work featuring mature or explicit content