Harmony & Co. Advent Collection

To celebrate Harmony & Co’s first Christmas, we are hosting our own advent. The advent will consist of drabbles, one-shots, short stories, manips, aesthetics and more! Anything you create can be submitted! Each day, starting December 1, a creation or creations will be featured up until the 25th.

(Open, Moderated, Unrevealed, Anonymous)

About Harmony & Co. Advent Collection (HarmonyAdventCollection)

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—All entries must be Harmony (plus 1 or more is fine).
—No prompts, but must be Christmas themed!
—No word limit for stories — can be as short or as long as you’d like though it must be COMPLETE.
—All writing needs to be posted to Ao3 so it can be in the HarmonyAdventCollection, art can be posted to Ao3 as well or emailed to harmonyandco2018@gmail.com and it will be posted to the Harmony & Co. Ao3 with credit to the creator.
—You may collaborate with another individual (one writing, one art/manip/aesthetic) with admin permission