Hamiathes' Gift Exchange 2016

This is the 2016 edition of the fanfiction and fanart exchange for the Queen's Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner.

You can follow announcements at the Sounis LiveJournal community or at hamiathesgiftexchange on Dreamwidth.

(Closed, Unmoderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

About Hamiathes' Gift Exchange 2016 (HamiathesGift2016)

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Sun 12 Jun 2016 10:00PM EDT
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Character nominations: March 22nd through April 1st at 10 PM EDT
Signups: April 4th through the 15th, closing at 10 PM EDT
Assignments sent out: April 19th at the latest
Default deadline: May 13th
Fanworks due: June 12th at 10 PM EDT
Fanworks revealed: June 19th at 10 PM EDT
Artists/authors revealed: June 26th at 10 PM EDT

I won't close nominations/signups or reveal fanworks before 10 PM EDT.



How does the exchange work?
The Hamiathes’ Gift Exchange is similar to Yuletide and many other exchanges run on AO3. It has five stages:

Nominations: We’ll create a character tag set to use during signups. Each person may nominate up to four characters through a form on AO3.

Signups: Each of us will use a form on AO3 to make requests and offers. You must make at least two requests, each of which specifies between one and three characters from the tag set and indicates that you’re requesting fanfiction, fanart, or both. You may make up to six requests.

Offers are simple—you’ll just list the characters from the tag set about whom you’re willing to write or illustrate, specifying whether you’re offering fanart, fanfiction, or both.

Matching: When signups are closed, I’ll run AO3’s automatic matching algorithm. You will be assigned a recipient, for whom you’ll create a fanwork, and an author/artist, who will create a fanwork for you. You’ll get an email with the details of your recipient’s request, but you won’t know who is assigned to fulfill your request.

Writing/Drawing period: After assignments are sent out, you’ll have about two months to create a fanwork based on one of your assigned recipient’s requests.

You can choose any of the requests, not necessarily the one you matched on, but the request must feature all the characters listed in that request, must match the specified medium (fanart or fanfiction), and must meet the minimum of 500 words for fanfiction and 500x500 pixels for fanart.

To fulfill your assignment, you must post it to the Hamiathes’ Gift Exchange Challenge on AO3 by June 12th. Fanworks in this challenge will be hidden for another week after the deadline so I can be sure everyone has a gift.

Fanwork reveals: On June 19th, stories and artwork will be revealed, but the names of the creators will still be hidden. Authors and artists can reply to comments on their work, but the replies will also be anonymous at this time.

Creator reveals: On June 26th, creator names will be revealed.





What are nominations for?
When you sign up to request and offer fanworks, you’ll select from the characters listed in our tag set. Nominations are how we create that tag set.

Do I need to nominate characters?
You can sign up without participating in nominations, but be aware that your signup can only include characters from the tag set. If you want to make certain you can request or offer a particular character, you may want to nominate them.

How do I nominate characters?
First, you need an AO3 account. If you don’t have one, you can request one here.

When you’re logged into AO3, open the nominations form, enter up to four characters, and submit! You can ignore the Fandom field.

Which characters should I nominate?
To make signups and matching easier, please nominate characters you have a genuine interest in requesting or offering.

Only one nomination is necessary per character, so you may want to coordinate with other people to be sure you aren’t duplicating nominations. You can check the tag set to see characters who have already been approved.

Only characters who appear in or are mentioned in the Queen’s Thief books or short stories will be approved.

What happens next?
I’ll be approving nominations periodically. This should be pretty straightforward. AO3 doesn’t tell the mod who put in each nomination, so in the unlikely event I have questions, I’ll post them to the Livejournal and Dreamwidth communities. You may want to keep an eye out for posts there.

You can edit your nomination until it’s been approved. At that time, you’ll no longer be able to edit.





How do signups work?
First, you need an AO3 account. If you don’t have one, you can request one here.

When you’re logged into AO3, open the signup form (link to follow), enter between two and six requests and one or two offers, and submit!

How do requests work?
Each request is basically a high-level prompt for fanfiction or fanart about specified characters.

  • You must include at least two different requests, and you may include up to six.
  • Each request must contain at least one character from the tagset, and you may include up to three per request.
    • You can check the box next to each character in that request.
    • You can have overlapping characters between different requests. See the example below.
  • Each request must indicate that it is for Fanfiction, for Fanart, or for both, using the Additional Tags.
  • Each request may also include optional details and/or a link to a letter at your personal journal where you give your creator more information.

What goes in the optional details/letter for my requests?
Optional details and letters are just that—optional. However, they’re also highly recommended! They’re a great way to tell your author or artist what interests you most about the characters in each request, offer specific prompts for those characters if you have ideas, etc.

However, they’re also optional for your creator, so you’re not guaranteed to get exactly what you ask for. You’re only guaranteed a fanwork featuring the characters in one of your requests.

One exception is a Do Not Want list. If there’s anything you definitely don’t want to receive in your gift, like any specific squicks, triggers, or ships you don’t like, you can list them in the optional details. This is not about making a value judgment, just about indicating your comfort level and making this a good experience for everyone. Authors and artists must respect this list. Please include it in Optional Details, not in a letter, so I as the mod can be sure to see it.

Examples: mature content, kidfic, violence, character death.

How do offers work?
Offers are essentially the list of characters you’re willing to write or create art for.

You must include at least one offer of at least four characters. You can check the box next to each character in your offer, or you can select the “All” option, which means you could match on requests for any group of characters in the list.

Your offer must also specify that is for Fanfiction, Fanart, or either, using the Additional Tags.

Do I need two offers?
No—because the offer is just a list of all characters you’re willing to create for, only one offer is necessary.

If you’re offering both Fanfiction and Fanart, but you’re not comfortable writing and creating art for the same list of characters, you can include two offers, one for each medium.

Can I see an example?
Here’s an example signup with three requests and two offers.

Request 1:
Characters: Heiro, Agape
Additional Tags: Fanfiction
Optional Details:
I love Agape’s sense of humor and Heiro’s sincerity, and I think they’d get along really well if they ever met. I ship them, so I’m interested in reading Heiro/Agape as well as friendship fic. Do Not Want - Heiro/Eugenides or Agape/Eugenides; character death

Request 2:
Characters: Nahuseresh
Additional Tags: Fanart
Optional Details:
Queen of Attolia has some great descriptions of Nahuseresh, and Conspiracy of Kings give us some detail on Mede clothing—I’d love to see how you visualize it! Could be Nahuseresh at any point in canon (the Mede court we never get to see, courting Attolia, furious on the ship back home) or just a portrait of the character without context. Do Not Want - Nudity

Request 3:
Characters: Nahuseresh, Akeretenesh
Additional Tags: Fanfiction, Fanart
Optional Details:
For fanart - Conspiracy of Kings give us some detail on Mede clothing—I’d love to see how you visualize it on these two! For fanfiction – I’d particularly like to see these two interacting after both of them have come home in disgrace. Are they competitive and enjoying each other’s failure, or commiserating together about Eugenides & Sophos?
Do Not Want - For art: nudity. For fanfic: character death

Offer 1:
Characters: Nahuseresh, Akretenesh, Kamet, Ghaznuvidas (Emperor of the Mede), Heiro, Agape
Additional Tags: Fanart

Offer 2:
Characters: Attolia, Eddis, Eugenides, Sophos, Nahuseresh, Akretenesh, Kamet, Ghaznuvidas (Emperor of the Mede), Heiro, Agape
Additional Tags: Fanfiction





How does matching work?
AO3 has an automatic matching algorithm that will check all the requests and all the offers and try to find one recipient and one creator for every person who signs up.

You can be matched on someone’s request if one of your offers contains all the characters in that request, plus the medium they chose (Fanfiction or Fanart).

For example, if I offered Fanfiction and offered the characters Nahuseresh, Agape, Eugenides, and Eddis, I couldn’t match on any of the requests in the example above, and I wouldn’t be assigned to that person. If I offered Fanfiction with the characters Nahuseresh, Akretenesh, Eugenides, and Eddis, however, I could be matched to that person.

How long does matching take?
That depends! In a small exchange like this, it shouldn’t take long to run the algorithm. AO3 may not be able to figure out all the matches automatically, however. If I need to do some manual matching, or if anyone isn’t matchable on their offers or requests, that could take a few days to resolve.

Do I have to write or create art for the request I matched on?
No, you can pick any of your recipient’s requests! For example, in the scenario above, I could choose to write a story featuring both Nahuseresh and Akretenesh, or I could choose to write a story featuring both Heiro and Agape, even though I didn’t offer Heiro.

I could not write a story only about Nahuseresh, though, because request #2 is for Fanart, not for Fanfiction.



By signing up, you agree to fulfill any one of your matched recipient's requests by the fanworks due date of June 12th.

If the request is for fanfiction, you will write a complete, standalone story of at least 500 words, featuring all the characters specified in that request, and post it to this collection on AO3 by the deadline. If the request specifies a Do Not Want list, you must respect it.

If that request is for fanart, you'll produce an original illustration measuring a minimum of 500 by 500 pixels, featuring all the characters specified in that request, and post it to this collection on AO3 by the deadline. If the request specifies a Do Not Want list, you must respect it.

The exchange is anonymous until the author/artist reveal date of June 26th, so until that time, you shouldn't make any public posts that could tell someone which of the works you created. After that time, you can feel free to link to your work or repost it on any platform you like.