Gen Fic Swap Round 1

This is a multifandom, character-centered genfic exchange. We are gearing up for our first round, so follow us at our Livejournal or Dreamwidth for updates!

Sign-ups are currently open (July 15-25).

(Open, Unmoderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

About Gen Fic Swap Round 1 (GenficSwap1)

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The Basics
What is the exchange, exactly?
What are the requirements for participating?
When is the exchange happening?


How do nominations work?
What happens if I miss the nomination period or forget something?
Can I change my nominations?


How do I sign up for the exchange?
How do I make requests?
How do I make offers?
Can I change my sign-up?


Assignments, Posting, & Reveals
How does matching work?
How do I fulfill my assignment?
How do I post my assignment?
How do I post a story other than my assignment?
What happens at reveals?


Help! & Other Questions
What happens if I can't finish my fanwork?
What is the penalty for defaulting?
How can I become a pinch hitter?
Can I create more than one fanwork?
Can you help me find a beta reader?

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The Basics


What is the exchange, exactly?
This is a fanfic gift exchange centered around gen (i.e., non-shippy) fic. Participants sign up with requests for what they want to receive, offer to write particular fandoms and characters, and are matched to recipients who request the same fandom(s) and character(s), similar to Yuletide. Like Yuletide, participants will be able to nominate their fandoms to be included, will be assigned to a recipient, and will have several weeks to complete their assignments. In return, they will receive a gift also! Gifts will be anonymous for a few days before authors are revealed.
What are the requirements for participating?
If you sign up, you are committing to producing a complete story of at least 1000 words. In this gift, you are required to include the character(s) your recipient requested.

You are welcome go above and beyond these limits, as well as give extra gifts. For more information, see "Can I write more than one fic?" below.
When is the exchange happening?
There are four stages to the round: Nominating fandoms and characters, signing up, working on assignments, and posting/reveals.


  • July 3-12: Fandom and character nominations
  • July 15-25: Sign-ups
  • July 28: Assignments go out
  • Sept 21: Assignments due
  • Sept 28: Collection revealed
  • Oct 4: Authors revealed


How do nominations work?
The first stage in the exchange is fandom/character nominations. These nominations will determine what fandoms and characters are eligible to be requested and offered; if something is not nominated, it will not be possible to request/offer it. Nominations will take place from July 3-12 will happen at the tag set:
GenFicSwap Tag Set

Participants will be able to nominate up to five (5) fandoms of their choice (though you can nominate fewer). For each fandom you can nominate 0-5 individual characters to be requested/offered. Please focus nominations on fandoms/characters you would like to REQUEST (not offer).

All fandoms are eligible for the exchange.


What happens if I miss the nomination period or forget something?
Only fandoms and characters that have been nominated will be eligible for requesting and offering during signups. If you forget to nominate a fandom and no one else nominates it either, you're SOL. For characters, if you miss the nominations period, or forget your favorite character, you can include them under "optional details" in your sign-ups, but your assigned writer is in no way obligated to actually include that character in their gift. Please do not only offer details/prompts for a character that wasn't nominated. That's a dick move.


Can I change my nominations?
Depends. Nominations can be revised or changed until the nominations are approved by a moderator, or the end of the nominations period (July 12, 11:59 PM), whichever comes first. (Probably the former.) Once your nominations are approved/rejected, you will not be able to change those tags.

Nominations can be added to/completed, however. For example, if you only nominate three fandoms, and decide you want to add a fourth and fifth, you are free to do so until nominations close, even if your other noms have already been reviewed. This also goes for characters, such as if you want to add a fourth character after nominating three.



How do I sign up for the exchange?
The sign-up period will run from July 15-25. Here is the AO3 tutorial about signing up for gift exchanges in general. There are two main sections to the sign-up form: requests (what you want to be written for you) and offers (what you offer to write for someone else). The fandoms requested and offered do not have to be the same, or in fact overlap at all.


How do I make requests?
There are four sections to EACH request you make:

  1. Fandoms (REQUIRED): You must request at least three (3) separate fandoms, up to a maximum of ten (10). Each fandom may only be requested once, so your three requests must be in unique fandoms.
  2. Characters (REQUIRED): For each fandom, you must request 2-5 characters for the gift creator to focus on. (For fandoms that have only 0-1 character nominated, you may select "Any.") If you request 0 ("any") characters, the gift creator has the option of featuring any of the nominated characters or working with the fandom universe in general. If you request multiple characters, the assigned writer must include all of those characters in the fanwork, in some way, unless otherwise noted under your optional details.
  3. Dear Writer Letter (optional): Here you can include a link to a "dear writer" letter, should you want to host one elsewhere (LJ, DW, Tumblr, etc.). (Make sure that this letter is unlocked/public so your creator can access it!)
  4. Optional Details (optional): In this box, you will also be able to enter information like prompts, scenarios, ideas, etc. to inspire your writer. You can use this instead or or in tandem with your dear writer letter. Optional details are optional: Because of the many different fandoms and characters eligible for the exchange, we've decided to adopt the Yuletide mantra that "Optional details are optional." This means that any prompts, ideas, squicks, etc that you include in your sign-up and/or Dear Writer letter are not guaranteed to be considered in the creation of your gift.

How do I make offers?
There are two sections to each offer you make:

  1. Fandom (REQUIRED): You must offer at least three (3) separate fandoms/titles, up to a maximum of ten (10).
  2. Characters (REQUIRED): For each fandom/title, you must offer to create a work about 2 - 10 of the nominated characters, or select "Any" (which does mean you may be matched to any nominated character(s)). Participants are only guaranteed one fandom match to their recipient, though you should match to all the characters in that fandom.

Can I change my sign-up?
Yes. Until the sign-up period closes, you can change any part of your assignment (fandoms, characters, details, etc) as long as it continues to meet the minimum requirements.


Assignments, Posting, & Reveals

How does matching work?
The automated matching process searches for the following match between your offer and someone else's request: at least one fandom + all characters in that fandom. This is all you're guaranteed, so make your offers carefully.

It is unlikely that your recipient is also your writer, although this could happen.
How will I receive my assignment?
Once the matching process is complete (near the end of July), you will receive an email with your assignment details. Your assignment will also be permanently available from your AO3 Dashboard (under "My Assignments").


How do I fulfill my assignment?
When you receive your assignment, your only obligation is to write a story in one of the fandoms they requested using the characters they requested. If your recipient requests multiple characters, they must all appear in the fanwork in some capacity. Your story must be at least 1000 words long.

You can fulfill ANY of your recipient's requests, not just the one(s) you matched on.

If you are worried that your recipient's prompts/details/etc don't work for you, don't panic! Keep in mind that your recipient's optional details are optional. You are only required to include the character(s) they requested in some meaningful way.


How do I post my assignment?
Go to your "Assignments" page, available in the following locations:

  • In the top-right drop-down menu, under your username, as "My Assignments"
  • On the GenficSwap1 sub-collection page as "Your Assignment"
  • From your Dashboard as "Assignments"

There are two buttons: "Post to fulfill" and "Default." To fulfill your assignment, click the former, fill out the form, preview to make sure everything looks right, and hit post! You can post your work anytime after you receive your assignment, and you'll be able to edit it forever (though it should be finished by the time works are opened). The form will fill in your recipient's name for you. After posting, please check your My Assignments page; it should now say "Status: Complete!" if your work has posted correctly.


How do I post an additional gift other than my assignment?
You will have to post these differently. Instead, head to the sub-collection page and click "Post to Collection." You will have to fill in the recipient's name to ensure your work gets to the right person.


What happens at reveals?
There will be two reveals: story reveals and author reveals. After all assignments are completed, and every participant has at least one gift waiting for them, the collection of works will be made visible, with the authors' names hidden. Each participant will receive an email notification that they have a gift waiting for them, and your gifts will also be visible in your Dashboard's "Gifts" section.

This date is tentatively set at September 28, but may occur earlier or later, depending on when everyone has a gift. Creators, please keep your identity a secret! We ask that you do not cross-post your works, claim credit, etc, during this period.

You will be able to respond to comments on your work, but your name will be automatically hidden there too, until . . .

A week later (again, tentatively: October 4), the authors' names will be revealed and attached to their works, and everyone will be free to repost/promote/claim their work elsewhere.


Help! & Other Questions

What happens if I can't finish my story in time?
If you can't finish your story, head to your "My Assignments" page (from the Dashboard). You will see two buttons next to your assignment: "Post to fulfill" and "Default." Click "Default." You will be asked to confirm your default. This will notify the mods to find someone else (a pinch hitter) to fulfill your assignment.
What is the penalty for defaulting?
It depends on when and how you default. To wit:
  • Before Sept 14, 11:59 PM: No penalty, free to participate in the future
  • Sept 14, 12:00 AM - Sept 21, 11:59 PM: Future participation contingent on explanation and/or successful completion of other challenges (case-by-case). Contact the mods to explain!
  • No-show defaults (i.e., just not posting your assignment, without clicking "Default" by the deadline): Banned from future participation

How can I become a pinch hitter?
Pinch hitters volunteer their efforts to make sure everyone in the exchange receives a gift, even when the assigned creator defaults and can't complete their assignment. Periodically, stuff happens, and we need to find a new gift creator as soon as possible. Pinch hitters are the salt of the fandom earth, basically.

Assignments that need pinch-hitting will be simul-posted to our Dreamwidth community: and our LiveJournal:

Pinch hitters are held to the same requirements as any assignee (see "What are the requirements for participating?" and "How do I fulfill my assignment?" above).

You are welcome to claim a pinch hit regardless of whether you were an original participant in the exchange. The more the merrier!
Can I write more than one story?
Absolutely! After assignments have gone out, everyone's request prompts will be public (visible from the sub-collection's sidebar), so you can choose to write a "treat" (an additional story) for any participant in addition to your assigned gift (not instead of!).

Treats can be ANY length or size. They do not have to meet the requirements for official assignments.

You will have to post treats differently from regular assignments. Instead, head to the sub-collection page and click "Post to Collection." You will have to fill in your recipient's name to ensure your work gets to the right recipient.
Can you help me find a beta reader?
Coming soon! Once sign-ups open, we're going to put up a post at our Livejournal and Dreamwidth journals asking for beta-readers.