Fic Journal of the Plague Year

As people all over the world deal with the coronavirus and its fallout, fic writing can be a place to process our feelings and provide a document of how fic and fic communities are helping us through this very weird time. All fics in this open collection should be: (1) written during the period of the coronavirus situation and (2) include commentary in the end note explaining how the fic and/or writing process were affected by the global crisis. The fics don't necessarily have to be about illness, isolation, or the effects of the pandemic; instead, the feelings, thoughts, and experiences the writer is going through during this situation should have influenced the fics in some way.

The collection is open and unmoderated. All fandoms, ratings, kinks, etc. are welcome. Material that deals with racism and xenophobia is allowed, as these are very real consequences of the pandemic, but spreading racist and xenophobic ideas via the commentary is not. Please be kind to each other.

(Open, Unmoderated)

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