Female Characters Deserve Better

I love fanfic. Really, just so, so much.

And I get it, reading about tough men breaking down their walls to share their Secret Pain is really attractive. And kinda hot. But here's the thing. Female characters deserve more. We should create more stories about them, and their Secret Pain, and not just as a foil to the main character's plot.

Why aren't there more works about Jessica Jones dealing with her shit? Or Natasha Romanov struggling with flashbacks? Why don't fics about Isabelle Lightwood get any love?

Let's face it, female characters (well, non-male characters) get a raw deal when it comes to fanfic. So I want to challenge people to change it. I'm going to start a challenge/collection is aimed at challenging people to read and write more works where a female character is the focus.

I don't care if it is femslash, I don't care if it is gen, I don't care if it is a heterosexual romance.

It just has to be a fic where a female character is more than a love interest or a trophy. Bonus points for angst, because I love me some angst and there is basically no good female-centric angst around.

Female characters deserve better, and we are the ones who can offer it.

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