February Ficlet Challenge 2018

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One month. Twenty-eight prompts. Twenty-eight pairings. One ficlet a day. Write Fast.

The February Ficlet Challenge is a direct result of the October Ficlet Challenge that imaginary_golux and Turn_of_the_Sonic_Screw did in 2017. The basic idea is to write a ficlet every single day for a month, using a new combination of prompt and pairing every day. Anyone is welcome to contribute; here's how to join the fun:

1) Create a list of pairings you are willing to write. (Ideally, pick 28 - one for each day of the month!)
2) Check the starwarswritingalliance tumblr every morning for today's prompt, posted at 12:01 am West Coast time.
3) Write a ficlet of at least 200 words within 24 hours of checking the prompt, using the prompt and the pairing from your list.
4) Post your ficlet to this collection!

The collection will close on Monday, March 5th. at the end of March.



Day 1: Huddling for warmth
Day 2: Character B can't sleep
Day 3: Character A is turned into a cat or a dog
Day 4: Hiding in a closet
Day 5: Bodyswap
Day 6: Accidentally married
Day 7: Blind date
Day 8: Character A encounters a very hot pepper
Day 9: Superhero/supervillain AU
Day 10: Cooking together
Day 11: Character B has amnesia
Day 12: Bowling alley AU
Day 13: Making your own traditions
Day 14: Valentine's Day
Day 15: Character B has been gone for a year
Day 16: Daemon AU
Day 17: Barely averted disaster
Day 18: Mass-conservation shapeshifting
Day 19: Pirate AU
Day 20: Trapped in the dark
Day 21: Swimming, bathing, or washing
Day 22: Doppelgangers
Day 23: "What did you do with all of my socks?!"
Day 24: Hogwarts AU
Day 25: Character A has a cold
Day 26: Picnic
Day 27: Fairy tale AU
Day 28: Fluff with a happy ending