Official DC Poly Ships Week

Justice League Insignia

The DC Poly Ships Week is a fandom-wide event created to celebrate and encourage the creation of more content for poly ships.

The main site for this Week is our Tumblr blog, Dc Poly Ships Week.

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About Official DC Poly Ships Week (DCPolyShipsWeek)

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How can I participate in DC Poly Ships Week?

You just have to create! Draw something, write fanfiction, show off your cosplay, make a playlist - there are unlimited possibilities. You don’t need to sign up anywhere to join in on the fun; all you need to do is post your work.

If you want us to reblog your entry - and yes, you definitely want that - put the tag “dcpolyweek2020” within the first five tags, so that we can find it. If you want to be extra sure that we reblog it, tag us!

While we encourage you to come join us during the week of the event, late entries are more than welcome! Just make sure to tag us on your post or send us a direct ask, so that it won’t fall through the cracks.

We hope this event will be as fun for you as it will be for us!

What kind of entries are allowed?

Anything goes! And we mean anything: You can create art, write, make an edit, show off your cosplay, tell everybody your headcanons. Go wild! Nobody will stop you as long as you keep the other rules in mind.

Other rules, you said?

Be respectful to other people’s entries, even if you do not like them and/or not fully agree with their opinions. Simply ignore that particular work and focus on the other amazing entries.

Don’t start ship wars. Don’t bash characters. Just be nice to everyone, okay? Anything deemed “character/ship hate” won’t be reblogged. This is supposed to be a fun event after all.

That being said, all ships are welcome!

But please create your own content. If you decide to collaborate with someone, make sure it’s stated in the post. We will not reblog stolen works.

NSFW, excessive gore and other kinds of potentially disturbing entries are allowed, but please tag it accordingly and put it under a cut.

The same goes for trigger/content warnings. When in doubt, tag and/or put under the cut. This event is intended to be for everybody; it is your responsibility as well as ours to make sure it stays that way.

And now the most important part: Have fun! Enjoy yourself and don’t start stressing because you fear your entry isn’t “good enough”. Post everything you’ve got and be surprised how many people love your work. We already do.