DeanCas Canon Divergence | Season 9

DeanCas Canon Divergence | Season 9

Supernatural Canonverse stories that run away from said canon during Season 9.
DeanCas-centric with an emphasis on Human!Cas.

(Open, Moderated)

About DeanCas Canon Divergence | Season 9 (DCCD_s9)

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This is a home for DeanCas fics that tangent from Season 9 of Supernatural and stand united under the Canon Divergent streetlamp, rather than huddled away in a shadowy series.



What is the purpose of this collection?
To house DeanCas (Destiel) fics that diverge from Season 9 Canon. 

Can I submit my fic?
Yes! Please take a look at the Rules before doing so.

Why not just create a 'Series'?
A Collection allows others to add their fics to the love-in.

I have more questions.
Feel free to submit your fic even if you're unsure whether it meets the requirements. For other enquiries email Bo at



For all fic submissions for DCCD Season 9:

* Narrative focus must be on Dean and Cas and feature their Profound Bond, i.e. Destiel, aka. The Ship of Dreams
* Fics must diverge from Season 9 canon at some point
* Human!Cas must be present for a good chunk of the story
* Teen, Mature and Explicit ratings only   (no General, please)
* Minimum 5k
* Beta Readers are encouraged but not necessary
* Content can be anything from case-fics to domestic fluff to PWP
* Crossovers are welcome
* Please NO AUs or Fusions