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Camelot Drabble is a weekly drabble/art community for Merlin lovers that is currently being held on Livejournal. Please read the profile to find out more.

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- Prompts/Challenges will be Issued at the community by Friday by 10 AM Eastern/Standard Time. You have all day Friday to sign up to participate for that week. Sign ups will end on Saturday at 10 AM Eastern/Standard Time.

- Submissions are due on Tuesday by 9 PM Eastern/Standard Time. This allows three days to complete your drabble or art.
--Note: If your drabble/art is done before Tuesday, you can start posting as soon as the sign up for the prompt closes.

- A master post will be posted on Wednesday by 1 PM Eastern/Standard Time, and then on the following Friday, we will start all over again. We would ask that you do not post your work anywhere else until the master list of submissions has been posted. After the master list is posted, feel free to add your work to the correct subcollection.



How do I post my submission to this collection?
-- If you've never posted to a collection before, AO3 provides this handy tutorial that explains the mechanics. As to posting to this specific collection, you wouldn't post to the main collection, but the sub-collection depending what prompt your work used. For example, if your submission is based on Prompt #01: Skin, there's two ways you could submit it:
* Go to the Camelot Drabble -- Prompt #01: Skin subcollection and hit the "Post To Collection" button
* When filling or editing a work, under "Associations", you'll see a line called "Post to Collections / Challenges", and you can post the keyword to subcollection in question there. In this case, you would put "CD_prompt01"

Each subsequent sub-collection will follow this format, and their keywords will respectively be, "CD_prompt02", "CD_prompt03", etc.

I've submitted my work, when will it show up in the collection?
-- Submissions are moderated to make sure the pieces are being submitted after the master list is posted on Wednesdays on the community. Once the list for the prompt in question is posted, please give us some time to accept your entry afterwards.

What if I want to submit my drabbles into one story as different chapters, how do I add each chapter to a different collection?
-- Say you have something where one chapter is based on "Prompt#01: Skin", and another chapter is based on "Prompt#02: [Whatever the next prompt will be]". Then, under "Associations" then "Post to Collections / Challenges", you would put, "CD_prompt01, CD_prompt02," and they should automatically link to each collection.

Then, if you could under each chapter summary, put what prompt that particular chapter is written for ("This was written for Camelot Drabble--Prompt#1: Skin" or something like that) so people know which chapter has the prompt they're interested in reading.

I'm not a member of AO3, how can I get an account to post here?
All accounts need an activation code in order to be created; the AO3 Archive FAQ explains how to receive an invitation here. Or, you can ask for an invite at our Contact-A-Mod page.

Do I have to label my work with warnings?
-- Just like on the community, please warn/tag your fic (to the best of your ability) if it contains noncon, dubcon, abuse, violence, incest, character death, etc.