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    Magnus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn,-feared and respected (mostly feared) by most every being in the supernatural world; and he is more than alright with that.

    A very long, not entirely pleasant life has taken its toll. He doesn’t have a lot of empathy left for too many. He lives his life for himself.-He has his club, a few close friends, and far more admirers, connections, and hangers on than he knows what to do with. He’s one of the most powerful beings in this universe, and he knows it damn good and well. All in all he’s fairly settled with what his life is…

    Then one day his life takes a turn.

    Something is attacking humans -The Supernaturals are getting anxious- humans in this world are basically hardwired not to notice the Supernatural elements however they’re not stupid.

    When people turn up dead under mysterious circumstances they notice, start asking questions, may end up noticing a few things they shouldn’t.

    Magnus sets out to figure out what is hunting in his City and put a stop it. In his efforts he stumbles into an official investigation and comes across a serious, suspicious, utterly gorgeous detective…



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