BTS Ship Fic Challenge collection 2018

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The BTSsfc is a unique challenge. Each writer who participated had no idea of any details of the story they would be writing for (other than their ship). Once they had completed their chapter, it was passed to the next writer anonymously, so writers also had no idea who their co-creators were! A pass the parcel for fanfiction.

All stories have been posted to the collection as a series, with each separate chapter as a work within the series. When selecting one of the stories to read, make sure you are starting at work number 1 in the series otherwise you'll be reading out of order! You can view all the stories here, just select the ship, start from chapter 1, and you're good to go.

All stories were posted between 1st June KST and 13th June KST to coincide with BTS's 5th Anniversary.

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