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Welcome to The Brian/Justin Fanfiction Archive! This collection is dedicated to fanfic for the ship Brian Kinney/Justin Taylor from Queer as Folk (US).

The Brian/Justin Fanfiction Archive is closed to new works that meet the requirements listed below.

The import of this archive to the AO3 was approved by the OTW Open Doors Committee on 17 April 2017 and was completed on 14 September 2017.

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About The Brian/Justin Fanfiction Archive (BJfic)

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This collection contains works originally located at, which were imported to the Archive of Our Own through the Open Doors Project. The Brian/Justin Fanfiction Archive was active in the 2000s but closed after its creator left the site to other moderators who eventually fell away. You can learn more about the import in the import announcement.



If you still have access to the email you used to post your works to The Brian/Justin Fanfiction Archive, you should have received an email with the option to claim your works at the time they were imported. If you do not have access to that email account, or did not receive the notification, please contact the moderator at the contact email address listed above.

All unclaimed works are imported as restricted to logged-in AO3 users only, and will be made publicly viewable after a 45-day transition period. If you claimed your works before that period ended, you will need to change the restriction setting.

For questions about using the AO3, please contact Support. For questions about submitting works to The Brian/Justin Fanfiction Archive, please contact the moderator at the email address listed above.



Submission guidelines from the original site (some details may no longer accurate and links may no longer work):

We have some very basic submission guidelines, so please read them before submitting a story for the first time. These rules were modified from Wraithbait, the Stargate Atlantis fanfiction archive, and Master_Apprentice, the Star Wars/Jedi fanfiction archive.

1. You must be of legal age in your part of the world to submit anything to this site, or to participate in it. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the archivists.
2. As the title of the rules states, this is the Brian and Justin fanfiction archive. If you've come here to post or read stories featuring "Brian/Someone Not Justin" or "Justin/Someone Not Brian" then go somewhere else. Seriously. We don't mind if they stray for a bit, but stories that are ultimately Brian/Justin are REQUIRED.
All stories submitted to this site must have been at least proofread to check for simple typos and misspellings. Authors are also strongly encouraged to use beta readers to provide deeper editorial assistance on a variety of subjects, such as proper grammar, homonym confusion, plot holes, and characterization issues. Stories that are obviously not proofread (meaning: riddled with mistakes) will not be accepted, although writers are more than welcome to resubmit after proof-reading/beta-editing. If you need a beta reader, click here for members who have indicated they're willing to beta.
3. Please also use a beta to ensure that non-American words (a.k.a. "Britishisms") are eliminated. Unless you are writing an AU/AR, canon states that Brian and Justin are American males from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They do not use lifts, watch the telly, smoke fags (at least not in THAT sense), talk on their mobiles, eat take aways, call anyone an arsehole, etc. Words like that take the reader out of the story and we'd like to stay in it.
4. Stories must be written in English, although foreign-language phrases within the main body of the story are acceptable.
5. Plagiarism will never be tolerated. All stories submitted to the archive must be the author's own work. While we acknowledge that plots and premises are often rehashed (answers to challenges obviously do not fit into the plagiarism category), taking someone else's story and changing a few words around will not only result in the removal of the story, but all stories by that author, that author's name from the archives, and an explanation for the removal posted on the front page of the site. By the same token, all stories submitted to the archive should contain significant original content. Gapfillers are more than welcome on the site, but please do not submit stories that consist largely of dialogue taken from the show. We want to read your words, not CowLip's. For stories that were inspired by another fanfiction author or by someone else (whether it's a book, a song, a movie, etc.), please acknowledge that fact in the Author's Notes. In other words, paraphrasing is not plagiarism but the original author should be noted.
6. We also would strongly urge against any writer taking her own previously written fic from another fandom and switching out the names to produce instant QAF fic. In other words, that fabulous Harry/Draco story you wrote for a Harry Potter archive is not going to work in the Queer as Folk fandom simply because you changed "Harry" to "Justin" and "Draco" to "Brian". The OOCness will just be too glaring, people will write negative con-crit, and worst of all, you may be suspected of plagiarism. So even if you're plagiarizing from yourself, don't do it.
7. We will not accept fic involving underage characters (15 and under) in explicit (R to NC-17) sexual situations; indirect references, however, are allowed if necessary to the story. This means that stories where Brian talks about his first time in the shower room with his coach at fourteen are acceptable. Stories that show a fourteen year-old Brian losing his virginity in explicit detail are not acceptable.
8. No RPS (Real People Slash) is allowed. This includes secondary and peripheral characters, although references to real people are acceptable.
9. This is a site featuring sex and/or relationships between two male characters. As this is actually canon, we reserve the right to refuse any stories that feature one or more of the main characters (Brian and Justin) in heterosexual relationships unless there will also be a strong homosexual relationship component as well.
10. Please do not submit stories that feature gratuitous character bashing. While we know that Brian and Justin are the main characters of focus for this archive and that certain other characters have been canonically at odds with this pairing, we will not accept fics that show characters acting severely out of character - plotting murder, committing rape, beating the hell out of people - unless for a very good, extremely compelling, reason.
11. We have taken out the Out Of Character warning and will no longer accept fiction with the OOC warning. If you aren't sure if your story contains OOCs, then please find a beta.
12. That said, we will still gladly accept Alternative Universe (AU) and Alternate Reality (AR) fics. AUs feature the characters in the canonical time/place: late twentieth/early twenty-first century Earth. Any deviation from the setting (say, eighteenth century England or living on Mars) is AR. Keep in mind, though, that it is crucially important to stay in character when writing in these genres. We do not want fics where you can take Any Two Names and switch them out without losing the essence of the story.
13. We are no longer accepting or archiving any poetry on this site.
14. Works in progress (WIPs) are accepted but must be updated frequently, which means that any WIP that hasn't been updated in the past three months will be removed from the archive. Authors are of course more than welcome to resubmit their stories once they have been updated or completed. It goes without saying that completed fics should be marked as such, or they will run the risk of being pulled from the site.
15. Please always use the appropriate warnings and ratings, especially for things like Non-Consensual Sex (Rape) and Character Death. Where different sections of a story or a series are rated differently, please use the highest rating for the overall story in the first part. This is to cover our asses if minors should "accidentally" wander on to the site.
16. Please use your Author's Notes section sparingly. Do not use it as the prologue to your fic, or to beg for/extort feedback, or to thank people for their reviews.
17. Flames will not be tolerated, either from reviewers or in response to a negative review. For example: "Your fic sucks" is negative (if unconstructive) criticism. "You suck" is a flame. If anyone has a problem or feels that a situation is escalating, please notify the archivists and we will take care of it. We encourage constructive criticism and will also not tolerate rudeness (such as leaving reviews like "Your fic sucks") so please refrain from making such remarks, or you may risk losing your account.
18. Please use basic formatting, meaning DO NOT use smart-quotes or other special formatting that some word processors substitute for hyphens, ellipses, etc. In Microsfot Word, this means finding the Autoformat tab (probably under the Options menu) and turning off the "Replace with Smart Quotes" check box. If you have a fic and need to delete your smart quotes, just turn off the smart quotes feature and do a "Find and Replace." Note that smart quotes include single quotation marks as well. 19. Also, please leave a space between paragraphs. Simply indenting the paragraphs often isn't enough -- tabs can get swallowed and it's much, much easier to read with a space between paragraphs.
20. Please note that the "Chapter Title" field must have something in it as this text is used to link to the story in some skins and using some site options.

Archivists have the final word on all matters.