Ante Up: The Losers Scramble 2016

ante up 2016

This is the collection of treats for the participants for Ante Up: The Losers Exchange and Ante Up Big Bang. The collection will be revealed at the same time as the Fanwork Exchange (on March 17, 2016) and remain anonymous until March 24, 2016. After that point, anyone may post a treat to the collection until sign-ups for the 2017 Ante Up Fanwork Exchange close (late 2016).

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About Ante Up: The Losers Scramble 2016 (Ante_Up_Scramble_2016)

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This is the treat part of the Ante Up Losers Gift Exchange 2016. There is more information on the Dreamwidth community here: [community profile] ante_up_losers.



Who can create treats for the Ante Up Losers Scramble?
Anyone! If you feel inspired to write, vid, podfic, draw, icon, knit, twist balloon animals, and more, then go for it! Visit previous year sign-ups or the Dear Creators letters post on DW for inspiration.

Don't forget to name your recipient and upload to the Ante_Up_Scramble_2016 Collection so your fanwork will remain anonymous until reveals on March 24, 2016.

What if I don't have a Dreamwidth or Archive of Our Own (AO3) account?
You do not have to have a Dreamwidth account to participate in this exchange. Dreamwidth allows you to join, subscribe, and comment to community posts with Open ID, and we've created an LJ feed of the comm so you can still keep up with community posts on Livejournal.

However, if you'd like a Dreamwidth account, you can go to their create a free account page to create one.

If you need an AO3 invite code, you can either visit Archive of Our Own and put your name and e-mail address in the queue (this may take several months). You can also go to our Dreamwidth and Archive of Our Own Invite post and request an AO3 code (DW codes are not required right now).

Do I have to have a beta?
Nope. You are not required to have a beta for your treats. Just be sure to upload your treat(s) to the Ante Up Losers Scramble Collection with the name of your recipient. If you would like to have a beta and need to find someone, check out our beta services post.

What is the deadline for treats?
There is no deadline per se; the collection goes live on March 17, but you can upload treats after that point, and, in fact, until signups for the 2016 challenge closes (October 2016).

How do I post my fanwork to the right collection?
Make sure it is Ante_Up_Scramble_2016, and you will be all set. This will ensure that your treat remains anonymous until the mods reveal all the fanworks on March 17, 2016.

How do I contact the mods?
Your friendly mods for this challenge are: [personal profile] kate, [personal profile] lady_krysis, and [personal profile] maharetr

You can send a PM to any of the mods or e-mail them at and

I have more questions.
Groovy. Leave them in a comment to this Dreamwidth post and one of the mods will get back to you.



There are no size limits or participation rules - anyone can upload a fanwork as a treat for any participant in the fest.

Take a look at the Ante Up Losers Letters for participant names and letter links. When posting your completed fanwork, don't forget to name your recipient and upload to the Ante_Up_Scramble_2016 Collection so your fanwork will remain anonymous until reveals in March.