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It's an Amazing (Cruise) Ship

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Cougar and Jensen hung out together in Bolivia, when they weren't working at the doll factory.

 photo Jensen and Cougar hanging on the couch_zpsfnjgn5aj.jpg

Jensen liked to crash on Cougar's couch after a tedious shift putting voice squeakers into plastic torsos. So boring.

 photo Jensen nappping_zpsuiuwaoxj.jpg


While Cougar showered the lingering stink and the persistent plastic fragments off after a shift, secretly sometimes Jensen would try on Cougar's hat. This was the funniest thing ever.

 photo Jensen laughing_zpso7zbln3f.jpg


Also, Jensen thought it made him look cool.
 photo Jensen charming_zpsd0foz4hl.jpg


Really, really cool. The same kind of cool as Cougar.
 photo Jensen secretly cool_zps6jywb5r4.jpg

In the evenings, they'd sprawl on Cougar's couch, and Jensen would try to pick up some private work for them. The doll factory didn't pay much, and they could use the extra cash.
 photo Jensen working_zpstv3qempc.jpg


Jensen found them work, the no-questions-asked kind of work they were after. It involved hanging around in the Bolivian jungle and watching light aircraft fly over, until Cougar spotted the right plane to shoot at. Boring.
 photo Jensen and Cougar in jungle_zpsfrptn2m8.jpg

 photo Jensen and Cougar in jungle 2_zpsr6rqktq7.jpg

But the job paid enough for them to buy a rundown old pickup truck. Cougar was delighted with the truck, Jensen could tell.
 photo Cougar in truck_zpsnwbuh8g3.jpg


Sometimes they'd drive the truck around, then park somewhere and make out in it for a while. Once they were interrupted, and Cougar didn't have his hat on. Disaster!
 photo Busted no hat_zpsif8vzaxn.jpg


Disaster recovery!
 photo Quick hat on_zpsw0d7twqi.jpg

The very best thing about their pickup truck, though, was when they would go camping and sleep in the back.
 photo Camping in truck_zpsbzepjzcf.jpg


Jensen and Cougar were kinda happy, living in Bolivia.
 photo Camping in truck 2_zpsssxg9jlw.jpg