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Peaches and Cream

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Momozou drags himself out of the elevator, down his dorm's hallway, and finally, finally, through his own door. It's a bright, beautiful day with clear blue skies and singing birds...and he appreciates none of it. After an entire morning and then ALSO an entire afternoon of tests, he's fucking exhausted. All he wants is his comfy bed and-

"Oh, hello, Momo. Did your tests go OK? You look tired."

-And his boyfriend. Perfect. Shigeo is all stretched out on his stomach on their bed in shorts and a sleeveless shirt with a towel around his neck, hair stuck to his forehead. He must have just gotten back from the showers.

"That was your last class. Do you want to- Oof!" He wheezes a little as Momozou flops onto his back, pressing the air out of his lungs. He settles his weight onto his knees and elbows to give the much smaller boy some breathing room before laying his head on Shigeo's shoulder.

...Do you want to take a nap, he tries again.

Meh. Maybe in a little bit. A nap sounds great, but he can't appreciate important moments like this while he's asleep. What are you playing? Momozou hooks his chin onto Shigeo's left shoulder, looking down and forward at the pink 3DS in his hands. The screen shows a short knight in blue armor camped out in front of a bonfire. It doesn't look like something of Tome's.

The 3DS is hers, but the game is Inukawa's. It's called Shovel Knight. It has a lot of fun bosses. He watches as the little knight traverses a town and stops to talk to a multitude of strange characters. Shigeo's thoughts are cheerful and lighthearted and his body is all soft and warm... Momozou can feel the stress oozing out of him, leaving him relaxed and pressed closer up against his boyfriend. He leaves his weight on his elbows, but curls his arms under Shigeo's and around his chest to hold onto him just a little tighter. It's one of the few things that never fails to calm him, this simple proximity. He's wondered before if it has something to do with auras, but ultimately came to the conclusion that it was just Shigeo. His presence is a gentle and steady weight that comes with the understanding of what it means to be burdened with something far beyond your control.

What's left of the tension sighs out between his lips and gusts across the neck he's nuzzling into. That's when he hears it. Just for a second, he could swear he caught something indecent. ...He'd better double check. For reasons.

Momozou lifts his head just a little bit, repositions himself so that he's breathing directly against warm skin. He can see Shigeo's throat bob as he nearly walks the little knight straight off a cliff. It’s hard not to giggle as he pulls back to get a closer look at what Shigeo is wearing. An old worn in purple tank top that looks a size too big. ...Hey, wait, that one's his. His boyfriend is laid out beneath him, still hot and wet from a shower, wearing his clothes.

Well, if he isn't already having indecent thoughts, Momozou is certainly determined to inspire them now.

He definitely notices it this time when he lowers his lips to one pale shoulder, pressing small, lingering kisses to smooth skin. There are thoughts about lips and teeth and tongues as he moves the towel out of his path, letting it drag before tossing it aside. He kisses his way along the collar bone, up the side of his neck with the tip of his tongue, and hears breath hitching. By the time he gets to Shigeo's ear, where he sets to work with his teeth, his skin is flushed pink and he's having a lot more trouble concentrating on his game.

The thoughts flow more freely then and it's enough to make Momozou himself blush. Shigeo is sensitive, prone to overstimulation, it's far too addictive and rewarding to get him worked up until he squirms. Momozou can already feel faster, harder heartbeats when he presses a hand to Shigeo's chest. It sends a tiny thrill down his spine and straight to his hips.

"Mmmm, Momo..." Annnnnnnnnd there goes the last of his hesitation.

Tilt your head down for me. Shigeo does so almost immediately, staying up on his elbows, but with his forehead leaned down against the sheets. From here it's easier for him to get at the back of his neck, teeth scraping just slightly against the vertebrae there. There's a shaky sigh when he ghosts his lips up into a jet black hairline. Momozou grins as he moves across to the other shoulder, teasing the same way that he did with the left side. Shigeo is breathing heavier now, shivering beneath him. He outright gasps and even moans when Momozou leans a little more weight down (especially over his hips) and presses him into the mattress.

Heaven knows what he did to deserve this, what he did to deserve Kageyama Shigeo at all, but he's sure as hell glad he did it.

Another thought passes through to him, the desire for skin on skin and then nothing but closer, closer, closer. Momozou is eager to give him what he wants, he lives to please and spoil, especially for this one person. He moves off just enough that he can flip Shigeo over onto his back and holy shit does he look good. His lower lip is swollen and red from where he's been worrying it and his face is dusted with bright pink. One strap from his tank top has fallen to the side off his shoulder and the fabric is sitting so low on his chest...

(He can never wear it again, it will never look as good as it does right now on Shigeo.)

Momo, please don't stop now... He doesn't need to be told twice. He's all too happy to dive back down and kiss him senseless as his hands push up under his shirt. Shigeo has never been anything if not small and slender, there's a good six inches height difference between them, but over the years he's become dense with hard-earned muscles. Momozou can feel them tightening where his calloused fingers stroke, spreading heat and goosebumps in ripples. Shigeo's hands come up to tangle in his hair and it coaxes a moan out of his throat when he curls his fingers and tugs just right.

They force themselves apart only for as long as it takes to get their shirts off and then they're back together again, caught up in each other's orbits like a binary star. It's always been like that between them, a gentle but incessant pull that draws them both into some shared middle point.

It's bitter for the couple of seconds that Momozou pulls away and then oh so sweet again when he lowers his head to Shigeo's shoulder, sinking his teeth in and biting. The noise he gets in response is utterly obscene, sends heat scorching through his pounding heart and places further south. The fingers in his hair grip just a little tighter, covering his scalp in tiny pinpricks of sharp pleasure.

Once he's satisfied with it, he runs his tongue over the mark he's left, wringing a few more lovely whines out of gritted teeth. Nothing he plays through his headphones during the day compares to it.

It's getting more and more difficult for Shigeo to keep still, he has a tendency to rut and writhe if he's not held down. His arched back makes it easy for Momozou to get his hands down under his ass and squeeze.

It's not surprising (anymore, the first time it sure was) when he can feel what's left of their clothes being pulled off and tossed to the floor. Shigeo's limits for what he will and will not use his powers for always gets a little blurred when his brain is soaked in sex. He nibbles at a collar bone, hands squeezing his hips, brushing the insides of his thighs, everywhere but where Shigeo wants it most. He's had time over the years to figure out when to push and when to pull.

Tell me what you want. The answer doesn't come in words like he was expecting, Shigeo's mind instead painting him a picture that leaves his face maraschino red. It's too embarrassing to see himself from someone else's point of view (there's no way he actually looks like that).

"You do, though," Shigeo murmurs. He's figured out how to read his reactions to certain things in all the time they've spent together. You look very...very...very...good. Each word is punctuated with an open mouth kiss on Momozou's throat and under his jaw, leaving him biting at his lower lip.

Shigeo tilts his head, adds his teeth into the mix in a way that has all of his nerves begging for more. He wants to delay it just a little bit longer, though. They haven't had time for themselves like this in ages, he's going to milk everything he can out of this. Before...before we get to that. I wanna do something for you.

Shigeo catches on without much explanation and goes red in the face as Momozou begins to move down his body, littering his skin with small hickeys. Y-You, um...! You don't have...don't have that... Ohhh, Momo... He can feel his lips stretching into a smirk against the inside of one milky white thigh. Shigeo is too cute when he's flustered.

It only takes a couple of minutes of teasing before he's ramped up and wanting. I know I don't have to... Momozou drags his tongue against where Shigeo is dark and flushed with blood, makes a show of licking his lips afterwards. ...But I really, really want to. Can I? The question is more or less just a formality at this point. Momozou loves to drag answers out of the more stoic other. Shigeo nods quick and eager, thoughts reverberating with begging and pleas, propped up on their pillows and watching with wide eyes. He's whimpering the moment there are lips wrapped around his head and the tip of a tongue flickering fast and light against him.

Shigeo, pass me the bottle. It's under the mattress. Being able to communicate while his mouth is otherwise occupied with better things is far and away the best use he's found for his telepathy. It takes Shigeo a minute to actually do as asked, he freezes and shudders with every small sucking motion (and Momozou certainly doesn't make it easy on him...he'd laugh if his mouth wasn't full). When their hands touch Shigeo grabs ahold of his fingers and squeezes.

C'mon, I need this hand. He doesn't let go, he didn't even truly hear, going by his thoughts. He's too busy fixating on Momozou's mouth and the way his tongue is swirling, the way he takes just a little bit more with every downward stroke. Heh, here. You can do this instead. Momozou guides their hands up to the top of his head, convincing Shigeo to tangle his fingers in his bangs. He stills his lips, switches to sucking as he fumbles with the bottle's cap and slicks up his fingers. A long, low, loud moan reaches his ears as he slowly and carefully inserts a digit, testing against the resistance. He thinks he can understand the architecture students when he dips down and his nose brushes hips, causing Shigeo to arch up off their bed like a bridge. (He would be more than willing to devote himself to studying that.)

His hips buck and his fingers tug on his hair as Momozou settles into a rhythm, eliciting full body shudders when he curls his tongue and finger. Small items are starting to float around their room as if in zero gravity, bumping off the walls and ceiling. Shigeo has to clap his free hand over his mouth when he rubs against a specific spot and even then his wailing is enough to drown out every other thought in the dorm. The sounds alone are driving Momozou crazy, it's all he can do to keep from grinding into the sheets.

He watches with rapt attention from between his legs as Shigeo tips his head back, then tosses it side to side as Momozou sinks inch after inch into his mouth. He's too lost in sensation to know what to do with himself other than writhe and cry out. His voice has gone wavery and watery, making small desperate sounds with every harsh breath. His thoughts are nothing but single words (Good, Please, Momo) and half-formed phrases (Don't stop, So close, Wantyouneedyouloveyou) that leave him flustered and aching. Neither of them can handle much more.

Up until now, he's been pinning Shigeo's hips with his free arm. Shigeo. Hey. ...Hey! I'm going to let go. You can do whatever you want once I do. OK? A quick nod is all he gets, but he hadn't been expecting too much from the way his eyes are glassed over. As soon as he's free to move as he pleases, Shigeo absolutely takes advantage, pushing Momozou's head closer by the grip on his bangs. His hips are stuttering, twitching in short rapid thrusts up into his throat. Momozou seals his lips as tight as he can, crooks his finger just so, and sucks until his cheeks hollow.

There's a quick burst of colorful psychic aura as Shigeo spasms, his hips straining and body held tense. He's shivering, shaking, biting down on his own knuckles to keep from shouting too loudly as Momozou greedily swallows down everything he's given.

He waits until the hand in his bangs loosens to move, pulling off torturously slow and making the filthiest noise he can manage. He revels in the answering keening and the way Shigeo bucks.

You should...You should get a turn...too... Momozou shakes his head as he adds a second finger, smirking when all the air leaves Shigeo's lungs and his eyes widen.

This is my turn... Do you even realize what you look like right now? He's not slow, he's a bit too worked up for that, but still careful and thorough in the way that he stretches him out. You look ridiculous. I love it. His lips follow the same trail up Shigeo's body as they had down, stopping to leave a kiss over every hickey and bite mark. Each one is a claim, mine mine mine, heart and soul and (especially right now) body.

Shigeo's hips are starting to roll, so he adds a third, drinking in the sound of every little gasp and moan when he scissors all three fingers. Do you want more? You feel like you want more. Momozou can feel the corners of his mouth curling upwards into a cocky expression. You definitely sound like you want more.

Shigeo's mind answers for him, giving off sounds and moving pictures that could put the Internet to shame.

He'll take that as a yes.

Slim arms fold around his neck and legs around his waist as he slowly thrusts in, Shigeo's breath leaving him in a hiss and a pleased groan. It's hard, but Momozou eventually forces himself to hold still, giving his partner a moment to adjust. Mmmm... Just...tell me when you're ready...

He nearly chokes when Shigeo is the one to start moving first.

His hips are rocking in slow, short thrusts, just enough movement that Momozou can really feel it. When he goes to reciprocate, though, a bright multicolored aura keeps him still. I didn't say...Th-That I was ready yet...

When the psychic forces around him retreat, he's left curling his fingers in the pillows as he buries his head in Shigeo's shoulder. He wants him so badly, he's so desperate and so, so close, it's all so much but yet just short of being enough. Every single amazing movement is another bolt of heat lightning flashing through him, burning him up from the inside out until he doesn't even recognize his own voice in his helpless pleas. Shigeo is holding onto him, muttering needy little words and sounds into his ear that only serve to further spread the liquid fire in his veins. He can't take it, his body can't handle the overload, he feels as though he's going to shatter-


The word is still ringing in his head when Momozou snaps his hips forward, forcing a strangled yelp out of Shigeo's throat. The tight, wet heat has him gritting his teeth, squeezing his eyes shut. He nearly sobs with relief as he draws out and slams back in again, setting a brutal and unforgiving pace that sends their headboard clattering against the dorm's wall.

God, Shigeo...! D-Do you have any idea...what it is to me? You're give me a heart of these days...!! The only reply Shigeo gives is a series of mewls, cut off every time their hips collide. The way they fit together is perfect, Momozou can feel ragged breaths on his neck as he buries himself to the hilt over and over again. His arms come up from where they had been clenched in the bedding to wrap around Shigeo, holding him tight and close. If his thoughts had been simplistic before, they're even moreso now, little more than random letters strung together. His entire body is shuddering at the intensity and his voice hits a fever pitch when Momozou finds his sweet spot, pounding into it mercilessly.

Shigeo is flushed pink from head to curled toe, his hair haloed out behind him as he throws his head back and Momozou could watch this view all day, could watch the way he bows and bends and thrashes and leaves scratch marks, but their bodies are tense and taut, held tight like strings on musical instruments, he only needs to pluck just right-

Shigeo nearly screams as he hits his peak, his mind going fuzzy around the edges and emitting soft static when he passes the point of being able to form words. His thighs squeeze around thrusting hips as his nails dig into muscled shoulders, his glazed eyes rolling skyward. Momozou can't hold out anymore, watching Shigeo come completely undone for him twice now has the heat in his gut coiling tighter, tighter, tighter-

He rams their hips together one final time before everything spills and overflows out of him, muffling his cries into Shigeo's neck. Lights flash behind his eyelids as the whole room is momentarily flooded with shimmering aura, pulsing in time with them rocking and grinding into each other as they ride out the waves of pleasure.

It all gradually fizzles out until they're reduced to a pile of quivering limbs and panting breaths, both too spent and exhausted to move for the first several minutes. Shigeo's hands eventually skim up from where they've been resting on his back, stroking short fingers along his arms and shoulders. The motion snaps Momozou out of it just enough to roll off to the side, let them both rearrange themselves into something more comfortable. Their bodies curl together close on their small bed, arms and legs thrown over each other.

God, I needed that... He certainly feels better than when he first came in. (Screwing Shigeo senseless tends to do that to him.) It had been a long, long day. It seems so much further away now that the two of them are laying close enough to breathe each other's air.

I thought you might... Shigeo tilts his head forward just slightly, presses an affectionate kiss to his lips. So I wanted to be ready for you when you got back.

...Wait, what.

Momozou blinks in confusion. What did he just hear?

...What do you mean by ready?

"Eheheh..." Shigeo lips curve into a tiny grin, something he's learned to identify as mischievous. A short set of memories from earlier in the day plays across his brain, showing Shigeo while Momozou had been in class. He watches his boyfriend rinse off at the showers, dig through the closet until he finds the specific shirt he'd been wearing earlier, and then lay himself out on display on their bed. When his class runs over, Shigeo reaches for the 3DS.

You...You did all that on purpose?! You played me! If his eyes bug out anymore, they might just get stuck that way. He can feel his face heating up again, too.

Like a fiddle. Shigeo looks way too pleased with himself as he leans forward again, this time rubbing their noses together in a bunny kiss.

And I took the bait. It certainly hadn't taken much. One dirty thought and he'd been gone.

Hook, line, and sinker. Well...he has always been a bit of a sucker for Shigeo. Ever since they had met years ago, way back in middle school. It feels strange to think there was a part of his life where they weren't together, didn't even know each other.

Their fingers interlace, palms pressed together and thumbs rubbing along the veins in the backs of their hands. This is fine. (Better than fine, really, he dares to think it might even be perfect.) The two of them have the next couple of days off, no classes, no appointments, no anything.

Momozou has plenty of time to get back at him.