Aces in Space

Aces in Space

Aces in Space is a tabletop role-playing game. You play a Chopper Jockey, a dashing space pilot belonging to a gang. You'll fight bandits and bogeys in daring dogfights, pull off heists against overpowering mega-corps, and talk about it all live on your social media feed. Experience the thrill of stories right in the middle between toxic egoticity and teamwork.
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The Future: Earth is uninhabitable. Mankind has fled to the stars, living on far away planets and space stations. The only ruling power left are mega-corps.

In a lawless section of space, called the Kobeni-belt, aberrant pilots roam among the stars. Akin to motorcycle gangs from the past, tattoos and leather jackets are now replaced by cyberware and pressure suits. Space fighters are lovingly called Choppers, Jockeys are their pilots, and Highways now go faster than light: with the help of a drug called Minkowskium everyone can traverse wormholes to cross the vast distances of space.

Yet, unlike the past, today's petty criminals do not shy the limelight. Every daring maneuver, dogfight, and coup is broadcasted live on the datanet, making and breaking the social media celebrities of the future. Good social media publicity isn't something the mega-corps are opposed to, and sometimes, they even endorse it by sponsoring.

This game deals with behavior typically identified as toxic masculinity such as dominance posturing and self-injury. However, the game takes place in a setting that is past racism and heteronormativity.

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